New award recognizing coast-to-coast travel over Lincoln Highway

Lincoln Highway Association announces new award program recognizing completion of coast-to-coast travel over the Lincoln Highway

The Board of Directors of the Lincoln Highway Association (LHA) approved the initiation of a new recognition program called The Bernie Queneau Coast-To-Coast Lincoln Highway Recognition Award at its board meeting on February 13, 2014. The new program provides a means for recognizing individuals who have traveled the entire distance of the Lincoln Highway. A certificate of achievement and a commemorative pin will be issued by the LHA to those who qualify for the award based upon successful processing of the application form designed for this purpose.

Anyone who has traveled the entire route is eligible. To apply for the award, fill out the application form and mail it, along with supporting materials, to the address indicated on the form for processing. There is no application fee or deadline for submission. As many applications as possible will be completed by the review committee in time to announce the names of recipients during the Annual Conference in Tooele, Utah the week of June 17–21, 2014.

Future applications can be submitted and awards issued at any time during the year, but only those applications received by April 30 will be announced at that year’s Annual Conference.

Many Lincoln Highway enthusiasts have already completed the coast-to-coast travel. This is a significant achievement which warrants recognition in a special way through this program. The recognition program is also intended to inspire others to consider such an adventure as a way of enriching their Lincoln Highway experience.

Bernie Queneau Coast-to-Coast Lincoln Highway Recognition Award — Application Form

For more information, contact:

John Jackson

Edited on September 23, 2014 to reflect the fact that the award was renamed in honor of Bernie Queneau and on January 24, 2019 to update contact information.

5 thoughts on “New award recognizing coast-to-coast travel over Lincoln Highway

  1. Dear LHA team,

    we are father (70) and son (42) from Slovakia, Europe and plan to tour the entire LH from NYC to San Francisco in May this year. We will be landing in NYC on May 1st and start the trip the next day. We plan to reach San Francisco on May 16th at latest, as we need to be back to Europe on May 17th. I (son) can see that the applications for The Bernie Queneau Coast-To-Coast Lincoln Highway Recognition Award need to be submitted by April 30th to be awarded still this year. As we would be very pleased by this award, I would like to know when the next award will given if we submit the application only after our trip (May/June).

    In any case, we are very much looking forward to this trip. We are also trying to rent a classic car the drive but didn’t really find any rental company to do this kind of rentals. Does anybody have an idea where we could rent a classic (60’s-80’s) car for this trip in or around NYC?

    Many thanks in advance for any advice and look forward meeting some of you when stopping at the LHA HQ in Illinois.

    Best regards,


  2. I hope you have a wonderful trip across the Lincoln Highway!

    You are welcome to apply for the award at any time after your trip. The April 30 deadline is just to make sure that we have the award ready to give out in person during our Association’s annual meeting which will take place in early June.

    For renting an antique car to drive, I am not certain but I know someone who might know the answer and I will show your question to him.

  3. Hello Kay,

    thanks for your prompt response and information.This is great news. Any American car from the 60’s to 80’s would be great to drive across the LH. Looking forward to the trip.

    Best regards,


  4. I traveled the entire Lincoln Highway, including many of the original stretches on a tour with my father in 1974. He owned a 1924 Model T with 10,000,000 on the engine block. I have been told that this is probably not the original car that made the 1924 trip. Anyway, this car was painted to match the original 1924 paint job. He did the same tour in 1999 with the Model T. Some of you may have known my father, Dr. Alan Hathaway who passed away in 2016. My mother still has the 1924 Model T and is looking to seek a new home for it. She sold the rest of his Model T collection, but didn’t want this car to go into someone’s garage forever. I would like to speak with someone regarding the preservation of this great link to the history of the Lincoln Highway. It would be great if their were historians who would like to make the trip in this car on the 100th anniversary of the original tour. Thank you, Ted Hathaway

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