2013 Lincoln Highway Buy-Way: August 8–10

The eighth annual Lincoln Highway Buy-Way, a yard sale that stretches across hundreds of miles, will be held from Thursday, August 8 to Saturday, August 10, 2013. Five states are participating: Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia. Here is more information on how to participate in the Buy-Way:

Press coverage of the Lincoln Highway Buy-Way

Here are some news articles that covered the Lincoln Highway Buy-Way earlier this month.

Iowa DOT presents US 30 widening plans in Benton County

The Iowa Department of Transportation has presented its preferred design for widening US 30 through Benton County. Interchanges will be added at US 218 and Iowa Route 21. In between these new interchanges, two eastbound lanes will be added to the south of the existing road, which will carry westbound traffic. Part of this segment of US 30 carried the Lincoln Highway.

2012 Lincoln Highway Buy-Way: August 9-11

The eighth annual Lincoln Highway Buy-Way takes place from Thursday, August 9 to Saturday, August 11. The yard sales will take place along the Lincoln Highway in Ohio, West Virginia, Indiana, Illinois and Iowa.