Coverage of the 2012 Lincoln Highway Conference

Charles Cushman’s photo archive

Amateur color photographer Charles Cushman’s archive is now on-line thanks to Indiana University. You can visit the home page and read more about it at:

This collection is especially strong in the western states with 4,723 color views of California. Here’s a sample of the building of the second Carquinez bridge in 1957:

Roadtrip photos and resources

The American Road Forum has a great series of posts from Keep the Show on the Road with many pictures, detailing his trip on the Lincoln Highway as follows:

and from Roadhound:

Check out’s Lincoln Highway pages at:

A 50th Anniversary recreation of beat author Jack Kerouac’s novel On the Road includes the Lincoln Highway. Read more at’s travel site:

and from the North Platte Bulletin – The beat goes on: Tracing Kerouac’s tracks through North Platte, Lincoln County and Nebraska:

Brian and Sarah Butko’s new book: Roadside Attractions: Cool Cafes, Souvenir Stands, Route 66 Relics, & Other Road Trip Fun, Stackpole Press came out this June. Here’s the link at

Visit Brian’s website at:

and read Brian’s interview at Heidi’s Pick Six blog, and dig that picture of Sarah and Brian in their new roadbuilding equipment:

Newsletter · Volume 21: Traveling

Wayne Senville has a new blog about his US 50 travels. Check the recent Carson City, and Ely NV stories at:

Here’s a story about a 1915 1,000 mile durability run by a Wallis cub tractor on the Lincoln Highway, by Dan Whalen, from Dick &Shirley Carroll’s Massey Harris and Wallis Tractor collecting website:

Peter Findlay, from Burnaby, British Columbia sends a query:

Hello. Last week, while on a trip from Cedar Rapids to Chicago, I had a very interesting visit at the headquarters in Franklin Grove. The folks there were very informative and helpful.

I have an interest in the old highway for two reasons: First, in 1997 my father and I drove his 1912 REO across Canada, re-creating the first trans-Canada Auto trip. Here is a link to our website about that trip:

It was on this trip that I caught “the bug” for researching and travelling original highways.

Second, I am seeking information on a 1913 Motorcycle trip that followed the Lincoln Highway route. The rider’s name was Carl Stearns (Stevens?) Clancy and he was completing the first ever around the world motorcycle trip. If you have any contacts who may have information about this trip, I’d like to hear about them. It is my dream to re-create this trip on my own 1913 Henderson motorcycle in 2013. Perhaps it could be a part of the Lincoln Highway centennial celebrations.

Here is a link to my page seeking info about Clancy’s trip:

Thanks again for the help of your organization. We enjoyed our visit to Iowa and Illinois and will be returning – hopefully with my 1913 Henderson motorcycle!

Check out Todd Harley’s blog with pics of old restored gas stations: