Lincoln Highway Association
[Photo of the LHA's headquarters in Franklin Grove, Illinois]
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Online Map

Browse every mile of the Lincoln Highway through our interactive map, powered by Google Maps.

[Photo of Lincoln Highway Bridge in at Donner Pass in California]

Highlights of the Lincoln Highway

Discover the landscape and attractions along the Lincoln Highway as it winds its way from New York to San Francisco.

Coast-to-Coast Travel Award

Have you driven the entire length of the Lincoln Highway? Let us know and be recognized.


2015 Lincoln Highway Annual Conference
June 22–26 · Ann Arbor, Michigan

Discover the roots of the Lincoln Highway and the Association in Michigan.

2015 Lincoln Highway Henry B. Joy Tour
June 27–July 8, 2015 · Detroit to San Francisco

Join us for 12 days of adventure across the country.

Art and the Lincoln Highway

Read more about events where artists and photographers can show off their work inspired by the highway.


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Lincoln Highway Trading Post

Find official Lincoln Highway merchandise at the Trading Post. All purchases benefit the Association.

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LHA Visa Credit Card

Now you can support the Lincoln Highway with every purchase you make. Choose from five designs and earn rewards with each purchase.