More about Lincoln Highway in Fort Bridger, WY

Virginia Giorgis, editor of the Bridger Valley Pioneer, writes about the history of Carter Avenue in Fort Bridger, Wyoming, which she says was part of the Lincoln Highway through town.

New Wyoming road proposal takes Lincoln Highway into account

A committee studying a proposed new road connecting the Wyoming cities of Green River and Rock Springs is taking into consideration the various historic Lincoln Highway alignments as part of their designs.

Cheyenne, Wyoming starts planning uses for historic ranch

The Belvoir Ranch, a historic ranch which contains vestiges of the original Lincoln Highway, was purchased by the city of Cheyenne, Wyoming in 2003. Cheyenne is now deciding what to do with it. Options range from historic preservation to a wind farm and a landfill.

Local press covers the LHA Conference

People from Omaha, Neb., Sarasota, Fla., Reno, Nev., and even small European countries found common ground last week learning about the history of southwest Wyoming and the route of the historic Lincoln Highway, which meanders through much of Uinta County and northern Utah.