One thought on “Chester, Pennsylvania

  1. Chester, West Virginia – Worlds Largest teapot (found at exit of the US30 New, Chester WV bridge about 200yrds of the old LH Chester Bridge)

    A visit to Chenney’s Gas Station across the street will yield you some post cards!

    Orig. Chester, WV Bridge Photo
    Taken from East Liverpool, Ohio side.

    While in the area, see the Lou Holts Hall of
    Fame Museum, The Ceramic Museum, The Point Of Beginning, The Wellsville River Museum (has a orig. death mask of Pretty Boy Floyd)
    or pick-up some Fiesta-Ware at the HLC Co.

    Or visit the Tourism pages of for all the stuff within miles of the teapot.

    I do not believe newspaper keeps stories online more than 30-90 days.

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