Roadtrip photos and resources

The American Road Forum has a great series of posts from Keep the Show on the Road with many pictures, detailing his trip on the Lincoln Highway as follows:

and from Roadhound:

Check out’s Lincoln Highway pages at:

A 50th Anniversary recreation of beat author Jack Kerouac’s novel On the Road includes the Lincoln Highway. Read more at’s travel site:

and from the North Platte Bulletin – The beat goes on: Tracing Kerouac’s tracks through North Platte, Lincoln County and Nebraska:

Brian and Sarah Butko’s new book: Roadside Attractions: Cool Cafes, Souvenir Stands, Route 66 Relics, & Other Road Trip Fun, Stackpole Press came out this June. Here’s the link at

Visit Brian’s website at:

and read Brian’s interview at Heidi’s Pick Six blog, and dig that picture of Sarah and Brian in their new roadbuilding equipment:

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