A documentary introducing the Lincoln Highway

RDG Planning and Design has created a 13-minute documentary on the Lincoln Highway called This Highway, Dedicated to Abraham Lincoln. It was produced in association with Harrison County Conservation for the Harrison County Historical Village and Welcome Center outside of Missouri Valley, Iowa.

Thanks to Sarah Uthoff for the tip!

What the Lincoln Highway can teach voters and politicians

In an opinion column for Vinton Today, Dean Close writes about how the Lincoln Highway was created and what it can teach today’s voters and politicians.

Marion, IA shopping center will get a makeover

A shopping center in Marion, Iowa, at the southwest corner of 35th Street and 7th Avenue, will be completely rebuilt and named Lincolnview Square in honor of the Lincoln Highway, although at that point the historic highway is several blocks to the south.

Crescent, IA monument to Lincoln Highway and veterans nears completion

The Old Lincoln Highway Veterans Monument Park in Crescent, Iowa, built with the help of countless volunteers, is nearly done.

Proposed interchange would spare Youngville Cafe

As part of the widening of US 30, the Iowa Department of Transportation is proposing a new interchange where it intersects US 218. The design spares the Youngville Cafe, a Lincoln Highway landmark, but changes its access from US 30 to a driveway off of US 218.