2 thoughts on “Brick Lincoln Highway in Ohio

  1. A very old leg of route 30 is in serious danger of being destroyed and lost to us forever. I live in Paris Township (Stark County OH) on the original Route 30 which is now called Baywood St. Due to the road closure just east of Robertsville on “new” Route 30, traffic is detouring down our historic brick road. Fully loaded tractor trailers are traveling this stretch of road at 60 mph+. Typically the only traffic we see are people who reside on this road and the people who come from miles around to travel this piece of history. Now with this “detour” it’s become a danger to the preservation of the road, not to mention the excessive speeds and blind curves are begging for a fatality. Please join together with our friends and neighbors to help us rally with the township to post speed limit signs, weight restrictions or whatever it takes to detour the semis to a safer route. Any help or support will be greatly appreciated. Please share this post if you know anyone who may be able to help us move this forward before the road becomes completely destroyed! Thank you!

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