LHA Indiana director Jeff Blair finishes his walk across the state

Jeff Blair’s walk across Indiana raised more than three times its fundraising goals for the Alzheimer’s Association and the Lincoln Highway Association: $16,000. Congratulations!

One thought on “LHA Indiana director Jeff Blair finishes his walk across the state

  1. Hi,

    My name is Paul Benninghoff. I currently am a member of the Dyer Historical Society. I was the president of the DHS for two years in the past. I have even published a book as a fundraiser for the DHS through Arcadia Publishing called ‘Dyer.’ I am presently write for a local website called Region Rambler (regionrambler.com) which focuses on people, places, events and other points of interest in Lake and Porter Counties in Indiana.

    I would very much like to write a piece on the ORIGINAL route of the Lincoln Highway through this area. I also hope to have a companion video of me driving this route and stopping at certain points of interest. Could you please send me information of the original route the old highway took through Lake and Porter Counties? It would be greatly appreciated.

    Paul A. Benninghoff

    DHS member
    RR writer


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