Rick Sebak’s Lincoln Highway documentary premieres

Rick Sebak’s latest documentary, “A Ride Along the Lincoln Highway,” premiered on PBS on October 29. If you missed it, your local PBS station will probably show it again sometime this weekend — be sure to check your local listings. (For example, KQED in San Francisco is showing it tonight at 6 PM and Wednesday at 2 AM.) You also buy it online at Shop PBS.

It made it onto the “must see” list of many newspapers. Here is some of the more notable press coverage:

And here’s a teaser:


3 thoughts on “Rick Sebak’s Lincoln Highway documentary premieres

  1. I watched the documentary on the Lincoln Highway…and was delighted! I am a United States History teacher in Texas…and I probably will never get the opportunity to ride on the highway itself, (I’m poor…old…and single, so it is unlikely that I will strike out and head that far north by myself!)… but I just want to say how much I enjoyed the presentation, and how I wish I could actually take the trip myself.
    Thanks so much for an excellent documentary!

  2. Hi!

    I too saw the documentary and it was great! I plan on exploring as much of the highway as I can in the future!

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