2008 Lincoln Highway Association Awards

At this year’s Association conference, the recipients of the 2008 Lincoln Highway Association awards were announced.

2008 LHA Director — retiring directors

  • Russell Rein
  • Sid Ketchum
  • Marie Malernee
  • Randy Wagner

2008 LHA Conference Chair — Shelly Horne

2008 Conference Planning Committee

  • Barbara Bogart
  • Dan Bogart
  • Ann Cazin       
  • Gary Cazin
  • Jo Newkirk-Hornecker
  • Joe Cox
  • Jim Davis
  • Jane Law
  • Mieke Madrid
  • Saundra Meyer
  • Suzanne Seppala

2008 LHA Technology Award

  • James Lin for the LHA web site

2008 LHA Member of the Year

2008 LHA Art Award

  • Kell Brigan for organizing the Art Show

2008 LHA Host of the Year

  • Russell Rein for organizing LHA research trip to the University of Michigan

2008 LHA Meritorious Achievement Award

  • Bob Owens, Iowa

2008 LHA Preservation Advocate

  • Michael Buettner for Cindell Street

2008 Preservation Organization of the Year

2008 LHA Director of the Year

  • Jeff La Follette, Iowa

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