Lincoln Highway news in Illinois

IL LHA Director Kay Shelton gave a Lincoln Highway presentation sponsored by the Sycamore Historical Society:

Lincoln Highway mural proposed for Dixon:

Paul Dilworth of Los Angeles will paint the third streetscape mural in DeKalb:

A new antique store has opening in DeKalb at 235 E. Lincoln Highway, featuring architectural antiques:

Frankfort and New Lenox rally for Route 30 – Lincoln Highway widening, from the

A new Italian restaurant called Filo Spinatos and translates in Italian to barbed wire, is planned for 241 E. Lincoln Highway in downtown DeKalb:

The Lincoln Highway Buy-Way yard sale extends west into IL:

Kay Shelton has a blog about the Illinois Buy-Way participants that includes some links to local businesses:

Willow chairs from Fulton sold on the LH during the depression from the Glimpses of Fulton blog:

Booster days in Creston – from Axcess News:

Live music and a good place to hang out in DeKalb – the House Cafe at 263 E. Lincoln Highway:

and at:

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