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A large 1918 wall road map of Illinois went for $43:

A real photo postcard of Globin’s resort in Al Tahoe closed at $33.58

A printed black and white view of a diner interior from Bordentown, NJ required $217.50 to take home:

A boxed set of 25 real photo Keystone Stereoviews of the Eastern half of the Lincoln Highway was a bargain at $90:

Two very scarce early views of Medicine Bow, Wyoming went for $57.99 and $53.99 respectively:

A real photo of the intersection of Valley Rd and the Lincoln Hwy in Paoli, PA was a battle between two bidders when it closed at $257.00!

A 1920 Golden Gate Pocket Guide & Map of San Francisco went for $70.65:

A signed limited edition volume, The Salt of Earth, by Bonneville Salt Flats land speed record holder A B Jenkins closed at $113.50:

A real photo post card of Red Fox James from the Indian School in Carlisle, PA from 1914 and on the Lincoln Highway brought only one bid at its opening price of $124.95:

[Red Fox James, a Blackfeet Indian, rode horseback from state to state, seeking approval for a day to honor American Indians. On December 14, 1915, Red Fox James presented the endorsements of 24 state governments to the White House. There is no record, however, of such a national day being proclaimed. I have another real photo postcard of Red Fox on the Lincoln Highway in Utah. You can read more about Red Fox at: http://electricindian.50megs.com/redfox2.htm]

A set of 90 1915 -1917 strip maps of the National Old Trails Highway from the Southern California Auto Club was very popular bringing 23 bids and closed at $716.66:

A Howard Johnsons Restaurant logo’d china teapot went for $307.45:

A nice condition folding Texaco Lincoln Highway Road map closed at $64.00

and another went for $60.95:

A 1923 Illinois Dept. Of Highways Construction Map surprisingly brought $204:

A AAA Lincoln Highway brochure went for $21.97:

An aluminum business card from the Lincoln Highway Garage in York, PA closed at $36:

A 1924 National Park to Park Highway Map brought $114.50:

Checkout this neat medal token from 1976, as produced by the Iowa US 30 Association:

A 1929 Humble Oil map guide of the Airways, Highways, and Waterways of Texas closed at $90.89:

Don’t you wish you saved those plastic gas pump figurine salt and pepper shakers from the ’50s? This pair from Standard brought $147.49:

These Shell ones from Van Wert, OH brought $91:

This real photo postcard of the Hoffman Hotel garage on the LH in Bedford, PA closed at $43:

An interior of the dining room at the hotel brought $46:

A scarce real photo view of the Lincoln Lodge west of Ligonier, PA brought $79.85:

A nice copy of the scarce By Motor to the Golden Gate by Emily Post closed at $53.79:

A yellow diamond Winding Road sign with marble reflectors was popular drawing 14 bids and closed at $280:

A 1925 Custer Battlefield road map brought $71:

A 1936 menu from Farrell’s Cafe on the LH in Columbia, PA closed at $51:

A really nice porcelain sign for Members of United Motor Courts brought $159:

The very scarce (limited to 150) volume Retracing the Pioneers written by Hugo Alois Taussig was privately published in San Francisco in 1916. This is an early western auto trip narrative. It closed at $96:

Another one of those Lincoln Highway Garage signs from Rawlins, WY turns up again from the same seller who keeps finding these “in an old garage in Rawlins” closed at $132.49:

A shield shaped steel US 6 sign with most of its paint gone closed at $146.94:

A rare butter box from the Lincoln Highway Dairy in Delphos, OH closed at $66:

A vintage luggage decal from Chambers Lodge in Lake Tahoe received 10 bids and brought $54:

A worn and rusty Lincoln Highway cigar tin box still brought $56.55:

A scarce 1925 Standard Oil road map of Alabama closed at $56.77:

A very scarce 1921 volume of Locke’s Good Road Maps covering the Western states, extensively illustrated with photos of gas stations, garages and one stops was in demand and closed at $209:

An early real photo postcard view showing the roadway over the Donner Summit closed at $53.98:

A modern (mid-century) chrome view postcard of Kings Beach in Lake Tahoe was a surprise when it closed at $59:

An attractive ’50s advertising postcard from the Midwest Motel on the LH east of Fort Wayne closed at $46:
[This distinctive postcard was published by a long gone company from Winona Lake, IN. I am interested in
finding out more information about this company.]

Iowa maps (like Nevada and Michigan) are always popular. This 1931 “Iowa has stepped out of the mud” one brought $43.42:

This 1937 Iowa Official State Hwy map brought $34.33:

A 1938 Centennial one brought $64.21:

and a 1939 one brought $32.88:

A 1926 road map of Montana from the Sunburst Refining Co, was highly desired with 13 bids and closed at $185.53:

A collection of Lincoln Highway Dairy bottles – 3 cream top quarts and 2 half-pints brought $152.52:

For some reason lots of real photo postcards of the tiny LH mining town Dutch Flats in CA have been showing up in the last few months. This attractive main street view closed at $74:

This view showing hydraulic mining brought $48.77:

A 1921 volume – Motor Camping by Elon Jessop went for $66.56:

A 1926 volume – Motoring Thru the Yosemite, closed at $67.66:

A 1920’s Indian Oil road map of Indiana attracted 13 bids and closed at $128:

A 1932 Mohawk Hobbs map guide to the Lincoln Highway brought $34.55:

A 1923 one brought $36.45:

I’ve been trying to get one of these Studebaker 1909 Pathfinding for the Glidden Tour booklets for over 20 years. My bid of $151.99 was not sufficient for this one which closed at $154.49:

and my bid of $169.50 was not sufficient for this 2nd one that closed at $172:

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  1. I have been consigned a very large collection of Lincoln Highway postcards to sell on eBay. I was going to list them later this week. Was wondering how to get the word out to your members effectively. This is a collection of original postcards, books, etc, dating back to the 1920’s. Thanks so much for any assistance you can give me. Angela C

  2. Dear Russell:
    I am back here on your web-list to re-locate an item I remembered seeing on e-bay last year. Thanks very much for providing such a helpful resource.
    Howard Stovall

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