Group raises money to extend Ligonier Valley, PA trail over creek

The Ligonier Valley Trail, which runs near the Lincoln Highway in Ligonier, Pennsylvania, is raising funds to extend the trail over Mill Creek. Donations are being matched $1 for $1 through the end of the year.

Coatesville, PA train station to be renovated

Coatesville, Pennsylvania is preparing for a renovation of its train station, along with a streetscape project between the station and the Lincoln Highway.

Irwin, PA streetscape project starts up

A streetscape project to draw people into downtown Irwin, Pennsylvania is moving forward. The project includes three gateway signs will mark roadways that lead to Main Street, including one along the Lincoln Highway. It also includes new crosswalks, bus shelters, planters, lighting and curbs.

Woman walks from San Francisco to New York because she feels like it

Catherine Li is walking across the country from Daly City, just outside San Francisco, to New York, because she “just felt like walking” and wants to live in the moment. Not surprisingly, her journey has taken her down the Lincoln Highway.

Lincoln Highway rally in Pennsylvania returns

The Lincoln Highway Road Rally in Pennsylvania, organized by the Lincoln Highway Heritage Corridor, returns October 8 and 9, after a three-year hiatus.

Sen. Coburn: LH Roadside Museum a waste of federal money

Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma (R) blasted federal funding for the Lincoln Highway Roadside Museum in Pennsylvania as an example of wasteful spending. Olga Herbert, executive director of the Lincoln Highway Heritage Corridor, pointed out that the museum has had a positive economic benefit in the region, plus it was completed almost a decade ago.

Bill and Karen’s excellent Lincoln Highway adventure

Bill and Karen, of Lafontaine, Ontario, Canada, are blogging about their latest two-lane road trip adventure along the Lincoln Highway.

1895 one-lane bridge in PA threatened

An oil and gas exploration company plans to demolish a one-lane bridge on Smith Ferry Road, part of the Lincoln Highway, in Ohioville, Pennsylvania. The borough’s mayor and historical society hope it can be saved.

Mayor, historical society concerned about bridge, Katie Schwendeman, The Review (East Liverpool, Ohio), September 2, 2011

Lincoln Highway Heritage Corridor plans new center

The Lincoln Highway Heritage Corridor in western Pennsylvania is finalizing plans for the location for a new Lincoln Highway Experience Center.