A documentary introducing the Lincoln Highway

RDG Planning and Design has created a 13-minute documentary on the Lincoln Highway called This Highway, Dedicated to Abraham Lincoln. It was produced in association with Harrison County Conservation for the Harrison County Historical Village and Welcome Center outside of Missouri Valley, Iowa.

Thanks to Sarah Uthoff for the tip!

House Republican transportation bill would eliminate National Scenic Byways program

The transportation bill introduced by Republicans in the House of Representatives on January 31 would eliminate the National Scenic Byways program.

Lincoln Highway Digital Image Collection

Back in 1937, the original Lincoln Highway Association donated its archive to the University of Michigan. The archive is now held in the university’s Special Collections Library. In 2007, the library finished digitizing every photograph in the archive, over 3,000 of them, and placed them online. You can browse the collection and search over the captions of the photos.

What the Lincoln Highway can teach voters and politicians

In an opinion column for Vinton Today, Dean Close writes about how the Lincoln Highway was created and what it can teach today’s voters and politicians.

Applying the success of roads to rail

Alex Marshall of Governing magazine argues that the transition from private initiatives like the Lincoln Highway to a state-owned, federally-coordinated system of highways was crucial to the successful development of a road network in the United States, and that passenger rail needs similar innovations in “bureaucratic infrastructure” to become as successful.

The oldest concrete highway in Missouri, and what’s left of it

James Baughn of the Southeast Missourian writes about the oldest concrete highway in Missouri, completed in 1921, and how it is being obliterated by trucks rebuilding river levees.

TruckeeDave on the Lincoln Highway

“TruckeeDave” has two blogs, CorduroyPlanet on Blogger and CorduroyPlanet on Tumblr, where, among other topics, he writes about the Lincoln Highway, especially in California. One of his entries includes a proposal for the Amgen Tour of California bicycle race to have a Lincoln Highway leg in 2013, the highway’s centennial.