Newsletter · Volume 21: eBay Auctions

A printed postcard of the cross country Walking Woolfs arriving in New York City brought $50.89:
as did another of their meeting with Chief Whitehorse in OK:

A 1926 photo archive of the building of the Carquinez bridge closed at $276.89:

A 16′ neon cowboy sign from the Western Bar and Grill from North Platte, NE brought $2,550:

A 1920 Lincoln Highway Association membership package with a card and Picture of Progress booklet, as excessed by the Library of Congress brought $78.60:

A nice shield-shaped embossed steel US 31 highway sign attracted 16 bids and closed at $828.81:

A map card of the Victory highway from Kansas City to Manhattan, KS closed at $54.99:

A Michigan US 12 shield-shaped highway sign was popular with 13 bids, and closed at $565.83:

I purchased what was advertised as a 1914 Lincoln Highway Association brochure for $30.70. It turned out to be the cover for a map, but without the map. Oh well……

A copy of National Old Trails Road: The Great Historic Highway of America by Judge J.M. Lowe, 1925, National Old Trails Association, and signed by Harry Truman, only attracted one bid but sold at $625:

A ’60s era pamphlet on the history of the Nut Tree Restaurant in Vacaville, CA surprisingly brought 16 bids and closed at $47.87:

A shield-shaped US 50 City Route yellow porcelain sign with a lot of chipping closed at $255:

A scarce printed postcard of the Lincoln Diner on SR 25 and US 1 in New Brunswick, NJ closed at $106:

A very scarce printed postcard of the Lincoln Hotel west of Bedford, PA brought $56.99:

A nice printed black and white postcard of Lincolnway looking east in McConnelsburg, PA brought $33.99:

A 1915 real photo postcard of a brick plant in Wooster, OH closed at $73.57:

This lot consisted of a label from a box of Lincoln Highway matches, and from a case of boxes, from Sweden!

A color printed postcard of the Victoria Hotel from Chicago Heights, IL closed at $36.53:

A very nice condition Texaco folded road map of the Lincoln Highway brought $95.55:

Another one of those Lincoln Highway Garage signs from Rawlins which regularly, and suspiciously, show up every few months closed at $142.50:

A 1925 set of 66 map cards of the National Old Trails Road from the Southern California Auto Clubbrought $381.76:

The ever-popular Staffordshire color souvenir plate from the Grand View Ship Hotel closed at $100.99:

A ’30s Powerine road map of Colorado and Denver attracted a lot of interest, and brought $131.39:

A souvenir folder of the Story Book Forest on the Lincoln Highway in Ligonier, PA brought $23.50:

A vintage porcelain highway sign of the National Old Trails Road Association closed at $1,834.99:

A Bill’s Place – Lincoln Highway souvenir pillow case from PA brought $31.30:

An unusual black and white highway sign for US 99 with reflector marbles closed at $710:

A 1926 Field & Stream Camper on Tour road map closed at $57.78:

A Motor Camper and Tourist magazine from 1924 was popular and closed at $82.99
another one from 1925 closed at $32.96:

A real photo postcard of Minick’s Place, Top of Bald Knob Mt., 20 Miles West of Bedford, PA brought $103.50:

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