The Lincoln Highway in

[Photo of Orr's Ranch]
Orr’s Ranch
Photo by Jesse Petersen

The Lincoln Highway enters Utah from the east on what is now private land. To visit the Visitor Information Center, stay on I-80 and exit at Exit 170.

To drive a stretch of the old road through Echo Canyon:

To follow the old route through Salt Lake City:

The original route enters Kennecott Corp. property at Magna.

Orr’s Ranch is just southeast of the intersection of UT 199 (Lincoln Highway) and Skull Valley Road.

All of these roads were once part of the Lincoln Highway.

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[Photo of inn at Sheridan]
Old inn at Sheridan
Photo by Jesse Petersen
[Photo of Echo Canyon bridge]
Bridge at the mouth of Echo Canyon
Photo by C.N. Plummer
[Photo of courthouse in Coalville]
Summit County courthouse in Coalville
Photo by Alan Stockland
[Photo of old mercantile building]
Old mercantile building at Gold Hill
Photo by Jesse Petersen