The Lincoln Highway in

[Photo of Rainbow Bridge at Donner Pass]
Rainbow Bridge at Donner Pass
Photo by Leon Schegg

The Lincoln Highway entered California from the east along two different routes:

The original 1913 route followed what is now Highway 99 south to Stockton. From there, I-205 and I-580 now parallel much the same route the Lincoln Highway took into Oakland. A ferry once crossed the bay from here to San Francisco. For more detail on the route from Tracy to Oakland, see this Oakland Tribune article and map.

In 1927, the Lincoln Highway was realigned to follow a route now paralleled by I-80 through Davis, Vallejo, and Berkeley, where a ferry took Lincoln Highway drivers to San Francisco.

In San Francisco, the Lincoln Highway ran from the Ferry Building along Market Street, turned west on Geary Street, then right on 34th Ave., which becomes Legion of Honor Drive. The western terminus of the Lincoln Highway is at the Palace of the Legion of Honor in Lincoln Park.

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[Photo of historic building in Truckee]
Historic building in Truckee
Photo by C.N. Plummer
[Photo of original road over Donner Pass]
Original road over Donner Pass
Photo by C.N. Plummer
[Photo of original road through the forest]
Original road through the forest
Photo by C.N. Plummer
[Photo of Altamont]
Lincoln Highway in Altamont
Photo by Leon Schegg
[Photo of School Street Bridge in Vacaville]
School Street Bridge in Vacaville
Photo by C.N. Plummer
[Photo of Altamont]
Carquinez Bridge
Photo by C.N. Plummer
[Photo of Western Terminus]
Western Terminus in San Francisco
Photo by C.N. Plummer