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Fall 2000


From the Editor

Wes Hammond

Thank you to everyone who has contacted me about my first newsletter for the chapter and for the nice remarks about my efforts. My plans for future newsletters are to feature a certain area of the Lincoln Highway in the state of California with each issue. This time my emphasis is on Auburn. As you read, you can see I have a story by my 100-year old uncle and his remembrances of the 1915-1920 roads in the Auburn and Bowman area. I have obtained enough material so that Auburn will again be featured in the December 2000 issue.

Future issues will feature: Donner Summit, Baxter, U.S. 40/San Pablo Avenue between San Pablo and Oakland, World War II U.S. Navy bases along U.S. 50 between Livermore and Dublin, U.S. 50 between Placerville and the summit, U.S. 40 between Vallejo and Cordelia, and Altamont revisited. The order in which these will be featured will depend on how quickly I can obtain material. Help!! I need material on these locations and other sections of the Lincoln Highway. Do you have photos, newspaper or magazine articles? Do not send rare or original material; have copies made.

A special thank you to Jimmy Lin and George Clark:

To Jimmy for putting the newsletter on the Lincoln Highway web site he maintains for the our chapter. Wow! What an ego trip for me. If you have not seen it, you can log on as follows: go to and then click "The Traveler." Please inform your friends and relatives and spread the word about our web site. This could help in increasing our membership.

To George Clark for sending me several different types of material that will be used in future issues. He sent a photo taken in Auburn that will be used with the next issue. Other items include information for several of featured areas I mentioned earlier. We have also been in phone conversation about several items to be used in the U.S. 40/San Pablo Avenue feature.

I'm sorry, but I will again miss the next chapter meeting. I have had a commitment for October 14 for over a year, and it involves a truck show in Fresno. This is the last advance commitment that I have and I will make every effort to attend future meetings.

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