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Fall 2000


The Lincoln Highway by Motor Coach

Wes Hammond

[Picture of Forest Hill and Auburn Stage]
The Forest Hill and Auburn Stage

Commercial transportation between Auburn and Foresthill, 20 miles apart, was furnished by horsedrawn stage in the 1800s and early 1900s. In the late 1910s or early 1920s the change was made to a motor-powered bus line. The road from Foresthill met the Lincoln Highway at the junction of the present Lincoln Way and Foresthill Ave. The stage would then use the Lincoln Highway for approximately two miles to the center of Auburn, which would become known as "Old Town." The service was known as the Forest Hill and Auburn Stage. Note the spelling of "Forest Hill" as two words on the topside of the motor stage. (Photo courtesy of Clyde Hammond)

[Picture of construction of second track of Southern Pacific Railroad near Bowman]
Construction of second track of Southern Pacific Railroad near Bowman

The second track of the Southern Pacific Railroad over the Sierra Nevada Mountains was being built through Bowman in 1912. Construction was done by the Erickson & Peterson Company, a private contractor. Mark Hammond, father of Clyde Hammond, was forced to sell his property for this new track. This photo was taken several hundred yards west of the present dead end of Apple Lane and is near the property owned by Mark Hammond. The Lincoln Highway crossed the railroad approximately ½ mile east of this photo location. (Photo courtesy of Wes Hammond)

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