The Lincoln Highway in

The Lincoln Highway enters the state from the east on U.S. 30 at Pine Bluffs. Much of the route in Wyoming today is dirt and gravel and is impassable for much of the year. It is best to have a copy of Gregory Franzwa's book (see For More Information below).

For a modern tour (directions assume you are going westbound):

  • Take I-80 and exit at Lincolnway in Cheyenne. Rejoin I-80 at the west end of town.
  • Watch for old segments of the Lincoln along the way. Be sure to stop at Tree Rock, the Lincoln Monument, and the Henry Joy Monument.
  • Take the first Laramie exit, and follow the U.S. 30 signs toward Medicine Bow for the best section of the old Lincoln Highway in Wyoming.
  • U.S. 30 rejoins I-80 at Walcott Junction.
  • Follow Business I-80 through Sinclair and Rawlins. Rejoin I-80.
  • The Henry Joy Monument was originally near Exit 184. It is now next to the Lincoln Monument.
  • Business I-80 follows the 1926 alignment of the Lincoln through Rock Springs and Green River.
  • Take the Bridger Valley exit to tour much of the Lincoln Highway through Lyman and Fort Bridger.
  • Finally, take Business I-80 through Evanston and stop at Depot Square.

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[Photo of Lincoln Monument]
The Lincoln Monument
Photo by C.N. Plummer


Photos by C.N. Plummer

[Photo of Union Pacific Station in Cheyenne]
Union Pacific Station in Cheyenne

[Photo of Tree Rock]
Tree Rock, in the median of I-80

[Photo of hotel in Medicine Bow]
Virginian Hotel in Medicine Bow

[Photo of Frontier Prison]
The Wyoming Frontier Prison in Rawlins

[Photo of Henry Joy Monument]
Henry Joy Monument, now next to the Lincoln Monument

[Photo near Green River]
Rock formations near Green River

[Photo of Fort Bridger]
Fort Bridger

[Photo of Evanston]
Historic Depot Square in Evanston