The Lincoln Highway in

The Lincoln Highway enters Utah from the east on what is now private land. To visit the Visitor Information Center, stay on I-80 and exit at Exit 170.

To drive a stretch of the old road through Echo Canyon:

  • Take Exit 180-Emory from I-80.
  • About 11 miles later, turn left at Echo Dam Rd and cross under I-80 (at Exit 169-Echo).
  • Return to I-80 at Wanship (Exit 156).

To follow the old route through Salt Lake City:

  • Exit I-80 at Foothill Blvd (Exit 129/Exit 129B) and immediately take Parleys Way, which becomes 2100 South.
  • Turn left (south) on State Street.
  • Turn right (west) on 3300 South, which becomes 3500 South.

The original route enters Kennecott Corp. property at Magna.

  • From 3500 South, turn right (north) onto 8400 West.
  • Turn left (west) onto 2700 South.
  • Turn right (north) onto 9180 West.
  • Turn left (west) onto UT 201.
  • Follow UT 201 to I-80 westbound.
  • 3 miles later, take Exit 99-UT 36 and follow UT 36 south to Tooele.
  • South of Tooele, make a right on UT 199, and go over Johnson's Pass.

Orr's Ranch is just southeast of the intersection of UT 199 (Lincoln Highway) and Skull Valley Road.

  • To return to I-80, take Skull Valley Road north.

All of these roads were once part of the Lincoln Highway.

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[Photo of Orr's Ranch]
Orr's Ranch
Photo by Jesse Petersen


[Photo of inn at Sheridan]
Old inn at Sheridan
Photo by Jesse Petersen

[Photo of Echo Canyon bridge]
Bridge at the mouth of Echo Canyon
Photo by C.N. Plummer

[Photo of courthouse in Coalville]
Summit County courthouse in Coalville
Photo by Alan Stockland

[Photo of Lamb's Canyon bridge]
Lamb's Canyon Bridge, just south of I-80
Photo by Jesse Petersen

[Photo of Lamb's Canyon bridge]
The old road near Kennecott Copper Company
Photo by C.N. Plummer

[Photo of Timpie]
The 1913 route at the north end of Skull Valley
Photo by Jesse Petersen

[Photo of Dugway bridge]
Historic bridge in the Dugway Proving Grounds
Photo by Jesse Petersen

[Photo of old mercantile building]
Old mercantile building at Gold Hill
Photo by Jesse Petersen

[Photo of old mercantile building]
Bitner Ranch (originally Kimball Ranch) built in 1862
Photo by Betty Bitner King