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Summer 2001


Fallen Flags - Answers

[Picture of old gasoline logos]

Clockwise from lower left:

  • Wilshire Oil Company
    Sold to Gulf Oil in 1957. Name used until 1965 when it was dropped.
  • Mohawk Oil Company
    Sold to Getty Oil Company in early 1970s and name dropped.
  • Hancock Oil Company
    Sold to Signal Oil Company, owned by Standard Oil of California, in 1958; both names were used. Standard Oil of California sold Signal to Humble Oil Company in 1965 and Hancock name was dropped.
  • Associated Flying A
    Sold to Phillips Oil Company in 1965 and name dropped.
  • Sunset Oil Company
    Sold to Wilshire Oil Company in 1958 and name dropped.
  • Signal Oil Company
    Sold to Standard Oil of California (now Chevron) in 1947. Brand name used until sold to Humble Oil Company (now division of ExxonMobil) in 1965 and then dropped.
  • Polly Oil Company
    Sold to Wilshire Oil Company in 1950 and name dropped.
  • Gilmore Oil Company
    Sold to Socony-Vacuum Company in 1940 and brand name assigned to subsidiary Mobil Oil Company. Name used until 1945 and then dropped.
  • Golden Eagle Oil Company
    Sold to Phillips in 1960 and name dropped.
  • Seaside Oil Company
    Purchased by Tidewater Associated Oil Company about 1946 and brand name remained in use until 1966, when Tidewater Associated was purchased by Phillips.
  • Richfield Oil Comapny
    Merged with Atlantic Oil Company in 1966 and name changed to Atlantic Richfield. Later this was shortened to ARCO. Now part of BP.
  • Rio Grande Oil Company
    A subsidiary of Richfield Oil Company, the brand was dropped in the 1950s.

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