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The Newsletter of the Lincoln Highway Association - California Chapter

Summer 2000


Recommended Reading

by Wes Hammond

"The Lincoln Logs: Riding the Original Transcontinental Highway"
by Greg Harrison
American Motorcyclist Magazine: April, May, June 2000

This is a three-part article in the magazine American Motorcyclist. The author, riding a motorcycle, travels west from New York to San Francisco, using as much as possible of the original Lincoln Highway. At the end of the May article (I do not have access to the June issue), the author had reached western Iowa. The author lists several sources of material he used to chart the route and how to locate abandoned sections of the original highway. These articles are good reference material for anyone planning to travel all or part of the Lincoln Highway.

Hitting the Road: The Art of the American Road Map
by Douglas A. Yorke, Jr., John Margolies, and Eric Baker

[See larger photo of cover]

Rudyard Kipling once said, "The greatest picture book in the world is an atlas." The collectors of road maps have felt this way about this book. It has been purchased to the point of being close to out of print. The authors trace the history of the road map, with most of the emphasis on maps produced by petroleum companies. The text is very well done and accurate. What really catches the reader's eye is the reproduction of hundreds of maps in beautiful color. The authors make a point to show the reader the superb graphic art of maps of the 1920s, 30s, and 40s. The map covers then became more utilitarian, prior to them no longer being given away by the petroleum companies.

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