The Traveler
The Newsletter of the Lincoln Highway Association - California Chapter

Summer 2000


From the Editor

Wes Hammond

Welcome to the first edition of The Traveler, a newsletter for the Lincoln Highway Association, California Chapter. I have accepted the request of Mary Salazar, our chapter president, to become the editor of the chapter newsletter. To introduce myself:

I am not a professional at this, but in the past ten years I have been the editor of two other successful newsletters: one a newsletter for a World War II U.S. Navy ship reunion group, and the other for a chapter of the American Truck Historical Society. I hope that I can make this one an enjoyable newsletter for you.

I enjoy the lure of the highway very much, both in the history and in the actual travel. I have traveled several hundred thousand miles of U.S. highways, both as a vacation driver and a professional driver.

I retired from the PG&E Company with 35 years of service. For the next ten years I worked part time for the Auto-Driveaway Company as an expedite driver. I drove cars, vans and light trucks (up to six tons) for delivery all over the continental U.S. I am a member of the American Truck Historical Society, National Railroad Historical Society, and the American Bus Society. I hope my experiences and feelings can be transmitted to this newsletter and give you some enjoyable reading.

I am slowly becoming "computer literate" (very slowly!). I am being brought, bucking and kicking, into the world of modern messaging and word technology. Future newsletters will be prepared on a word processor, as opposed to my "good old typewriter!"

I am going to need assistance and will be needing contributions from chapter members. I have quite a bit of material myself, but I would like to have the newsletter contain items from a wide variety of sources. I would like this to be your newsletter. I will be needing material related to the Lincoln Highway, U.S. 40, and U.S. 50 in California. This should include photos, articles, maps, etc. Please do not send rare or original items; have copies made. Photos must be reproduced on a laser printer or copier, and this can be done at such locations as Kinko's Copy Centers. They can enlarge, reduce, etc. Normal size should be 3.5"×5". If you have a good sharp picture that could be used for the cover page, have it printed at 8 inches horizontal (the vertical size will work out in correct proportion).

This newsletter is larger than normal. The average size will be four double-sided sheets. There will be a large variety of column headings, and all headings will not be used each time. This will depend on the available material that I can use.

Please! Begin thinking about material that you can send me for your newsletter.

Send material to:

The Traveler
The Lincoln Highway Association - California Chapter
P.O. Box 492
Foresthill, CA 95631

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