Lincoln Highway Association California
Lincoln Highway Association

Quarterly Chapter Meeting Minutes — Saturday, October 6, 2018

Joe Caribé Bistro & Cafe
Auburn, California

  1. Meeting Called to Order 1:13 p.m.
  2. Introductions/Attendance Sign-in Sheet Count
    1. 15 members present today.
    2. New people: Trey Pitsenberger from Garden Valley, CA. Invited by Bill and he is considering joining the organization. He and his wife Monica are very much into the history of the Lincoln Highway. Trey encouraged us to subscribe to his YouTube channel, Adventures in California History. He handed out cards or anyone who wanted more information.
  3. Approval of Meeting Minutes
    1. Bill Von Tagen moved to approve the July meeting minutes.
    2. Paul Gilger seconded the motion.
    3. Motion was voted on and approved.
  4. Officer, Staff, and Committee Reports
    1. Neil Rodrigues: State Director
      1. New Jersey conference had a loss of funds due to not meeting the minimum requirement of rooms. This was reported by Kathy Franzwa.
    2. Bill Von Tagen
      1. Went to Rock Springs to begin setting up the conference. There will be a bus tour by Gregory is going to run a route in the meeting house. There was a discussion of which hotels to use. Bill had a positive response to the meeting and thinks the convention will be good. Bill is hoping that California makes a good showing since it will be so close geographically. The dates are set for June 16–22, 2019.
    3. Joel Windmiller: President
      1. 270 reminder cards were sent out. Two were returned due to address changes. We are neck and neck with Iowa is far as membership goes.
      2. Markers are doing okay. The bus stop in San Francisco near Highway 1 looks like it needs some attention. Paul drove by but didn’t slow down to get a detailed look. He noted that it seems to be used as a Starbucks cup holder on a regular basis. Perhaps someone will glance down while picking up their beverage and become interested in the Lincoln Highway (afterthought by Paulette).
    4. Neil Rodrigues: Vice President
      1. Out today, so his report was submitted by Joel
      2. The Strawberry Bridge Shoring Effort
        1. Project will be postponed until November 17
      3. Distribution of Lincoln Highway Brochures to Hot August Nights
        1. Displayed the Lincoln Highway Logo Badge on my doors of my classic car during this week-long annual event in Reno, Nevada.
        2. Distributed Lincoln Highway Brochures to all curious and interested individuals.
      4. Placed brochures at the National Auto Museum and the Sparks Heritage Museum.
      5. Attended LHA Nevada Chapter day-tour of the 1928 Clear Creek Road alignment
        1. Joel Windmiller and Neil were among the twenty-one members and enthusiasts to explore the current day condition of this alignment.
        2. Neil hiked the four-mile closed section to photograph the experience of this segment.
        3. View Neil’s photos (PDF)
      6. California Lincoln Highway Brochure
        1. Gary Kinst has resubmitted revised brochure for approval and submission to Jim Cassler for price quote.
        2. Many board members have supplied inputs which Gary has incorporated.
        3. Neil gives his approval of what they have to date.
        4. The next step is to submit to Jim Cassler for price quote.
        5. Third step may be to receive approval from the National Committee.
    5. Grant Gassman: Treasurer’s Report
      1. Three disbursements
        1. $406 to Gracies BBQ
        2. $250 to Joel for meeting items
        3. $86.19 for the new screen for chapter meeting presentations
      2. Two deposits
        1. $261 from National
        2. $335 from collections made from lunch at the last meeting
      3. Balance: Contact Chapter for details
    6. Paulette Johnston: No report submitted
    7. Gary Kinst: Chapter Historian — Joel made a few comments
      1. Gary is at home with health issues.
      2. Fall Traveler is again amazing.
    8. Jimmy Lin: Website Update
      1. Here is a summary of the website traffic for the 3rd quarter of 2018:
        Sessions YoY% Users YoY%
        Overall 35,518 +2% 28,259 +1%
        Map 25,451 +1% 20,415 −1%
        California 1,021 −27% 892 −30%
        Traveler 584 −36% 529 −38%
      2. Concerns: California website is down from last year. The site needs to be made more mobile friendly since 47% of the hits are from mobile phones.
    9. Michael Kaelin: Signage
      1. He is home with health problems. He is unable to do long drives due to continued leg problems. He apologizes for not being here today.
      2. Michael continues to be an advocate of signing the original alignments first.
        1. If the city of West Sacramento wants to install signs, he approves.
        2. Would like to go ahead and order signs at $22.50, but would like to be sure they have the upgraded 3M anti-grafitti sheeting.
        3. There are two to three missing signs in east Castro Valley.
        4. Missing sign needs to be replaced over the old Altamont Pass Road.
    10. Speakers
      1. Bill Von Tagen gave the same presentation he will give today to the Truckee Rotary Club. They seemed very interested in the material.
    11. Coach Tours: Mark Hoffman: Update from Paul Gilger
      1. Sacramento to Carson City via Highway 50. Looks to be an overnight tour, with the following day being a trip around Lake Tahoe, where they will pick up the Lincoln Highway up at Verdi and take the I-80 alignment back to Sacramento. Dates tentatively planned for May 4–5, 2019.
  5. Old Business
    1. California Lincoln Highway Brochures — discussed above
    2. 2019 Military Convoy Tour (Paul)
      1. No update. You can check out the minutes from last meeting that has a detailed list of tour stops. Paul is still working on the map. He just finished the Ohio part.
    3. Lodi signage (Kevin) — discussed above
    4. Meritorious Achievement Award (Joel, Paul, and Scott)
      1. Scott Miner and his students did all the work on the building of the award. Scott Miner donated the whole cost of the award to the chapter. Joel brought it to show off today and it looks amazing. Our intent, as a club, is not to give it our each year; instead it will be given out when it is warranted.
      2. The club thanks him for his donation and also for all the time and effort he and his students to to build this award.
    5. The Traveler newsletter distribution (Gary and Paul)
    6. Donner Memorial Park Lincoln Highway Marker
      1. Marker is currently at the roundhouse. It’s at a Town of Truckee facility, and they are having trouble getting some boy scout troop members in to work on it. It will hopefully be placed in the state park by Spring.
  6. New Business
    1. White Rock Road Project (Joel)
      1. As part of the Capital SouthEast Corridor project, White Rock Road is being widened into a four-lane expressway, including at Old Placerville Road (see map). This will be the only section of the original road remaining and has been approved for signage. There was discussion on how to sign this section of the road. Main focus would be on the old alignment adjacent the new road.
      2. There was a motion by Bill Von Tagen to put signage on both the old and new sections of this road. Seconded by Paul Gilger. Motion passed.
    2. Clear Creek Alignment (Joel)
      1. 1928 Carson City to Sutter alignment.
    3. Mossdale Bridge Replacement (San Joaquin River)
      1. Letter received: They are “...inquiring on behalf of Caltrans. Per their plans to construction (of) a new bridge at Manthey Road over the San Joaquin River in Lathrop. Do you have any information regarding the original versus (the) realignment of the Lincoln Highway at this location? I understand that Mr. Moss constructed a portion of what became the Lincoln Highway in the project vicinity (early 1900s), and that roadwork in the area took place in c. 1927 and again in the post-World War II era by my research has been unclear on the realignments to Lincoln Highway at this location. Any information and comments you have would be helpful. Thank you.”
      2. This was passed on the Gary Kinst who is our historian. Joel made an attempt to save the bridge, but it looks like he is just going to try to save the rivet of the bridge before it is scrapped. The plaque on the bridge will be moved to a nearby park where a monument will be placed.
    4. West Capitol Avenue Road Rehabilitation Project (Joel)
      1. West Capitol Avenue will be converted from a four-lane road to a five-lane road with the reconstruction of the median islands. The roadway is the replacement of old Highway 40 / 1928 Lincoln Highway. The chapter has no concerns but would like to place signage. They offered four signs to be placed at Harbor and Jefferson. They will contact the chapter for signage.
    5. Truckee Sign Replacement (Joel and Bill) — discussed above
    6. Members
      1. Email from Ken Allen: At the Nevada State Railroad Museum in Carson City, there will be a steam train on November 13–14 and 20–21, from 10 am–4 pm. Ken will be on the train crew. Invitation for everyone interested to attend. For more information, email Ken at
      2. QT was concerned about the lack of information available for the conference in New Jersey.
  7. Adjournment
    1. Motion made by Jimmy Lin to adjourn the meeting.
    2. Seconded by Myrna Johnston.
    3. Meeting adjourned at 3:04 pm.
  8. Intermission: 5 minutes
  9. Presentation by Bill Von Tagen
    • A Ford on the Lincoln: A Honeymooning Couple’s Adventures on The Lincoln Highway and Yellowstone Trail

Respectfully submitted
Paulette Johnston, Secretary
December 1, 2018

Edited by Joel Windmiller and James Lin