The Traveler - The Quarterly Newsletter of the California Chapter of the Lincoln Highway Association
Volume 5, Number 2: Spring 2004

New Tours Highlight Lincoln Highway Across California

By Paul Gilger

Tour 3 • Sierra Nevada Northern Route

  [Photo of historic building in Truckee]
Historic building in Truckee
Photo by C.N. Plummer

  [Photo of Rainbow Bridge in Donner Pass]
Rainbow Bridge at Donner Pass
Photo by Leon Schegg

On this tour, you will see:

  • many original highway alignments and pavement on Rippey and Sisley Roads from the towns of Rocklin and Loomis to Newcastle
  • the old winding highway through Newcastle
  • historic downtown Auburn
  • the mountain towns of Applegate, Weimar, Colfax, Gold Run, Alta and Baxter
  • the vistas at Emigrant Gap
  • Hampshire Rocks Road
  • remnants of the original 1913 Lincoln Highway and a historic highway display at the U.S. Forest Service Visitor Center at Big Bend
  • the original highway alignments on Donner Pass Road
  • the vistas on top of Donner Pass at the famous Rainbow Bridge
  • the Transcontinental Railroad tunnels and train sheds over Donner Pass and the original Lincoln Highway tracks up over the rocks
  • the Donner Memorial Park and Monument
  • Donner Lake
  • historic downtown Truckee
  • the exciting and desolate Dog Valley Route, which was last used as the Lincoln Highway from 1913 to 1926
  • Prosser Creek Reservoir and Stampede Reservoir
  • Verdi, Nevada

The return trip to Sacramento will be on Interstate 80 with views of alternate Lincoln Highway alignments at Hinton and Glenshire Roads.

[Map of Tour 3]