The Traveler - The Quarterly Newsletter of the California Chapter of the Lincoln Highway Association
Volume 5, Number 2: Spring 2004

From the Editor

By James Lin

You may have noticed that we have a couple of new officers. In January, Mary Ramsey presided over a chapter meeting for the last time. Mary did a wonderful job as president. Meanwhile, Norm Root decided that being state director was enough, and left the vice-presidency open.

So Bob Dieterich and Paul Gilger have been elected president and vice-president, respectively. They are already making an impact on the chapter. Bob decided to start moving chapter meetings around the state, to encourage members from different areas of the state to participate. The next meeting will be in Oakland; see Chapter News for more details.

Paul is spearheading a new activity for the chapter: hosting tours of the Lincoln Highway throughout the state. If you haven't had the chance to drive the Lincoln Highway yourself, would like to gain more in-depth knowledge, or would simply like to hang out with fellow members, this is the perfect opportunity. There will be four tours offered this year: ride them all and you will cover almost every mile of Lincoln Highway in California! For more about the tours, be sure to read Paul's article.