The Traveler - The Quarterly Newsletter of the California Chapter of the Lincoln Highway Association
Volume 3, Number 1: Winter 2002

Recommended Reading

By Wes Hammond

To Donner Pass from the Pacific
by Jack Duncan

This much anticipated book by Jack Duncan is now available. In the introduction the author states:

This map history of the roads across California endeavors to locate accurately the seven named roads. These seven roads are Lincoln Highway, Victory Highway, US-40, I-80, Henness Pass, Pacific Turnpike, and Dutch Flat-Donner Lake Toll Roads from 1852 to 2002.

Using maps of several scale sizes and with a coded overlay added, Jack has indicated the various routings of the original road and later changes. He has included the dates that each road was in use. This makes it very easy to follow the history of any given road in the coverage. The text and photos that accompany each map is well done and contains a great deal of history related to the various roads. The fine photographs run the gamut from scenes of old vehicles, vintage roads, main line, and logging railroads. (The railroad scenes are always in direct relationship to a particular road.)

Whether you are an armchair traveler or enjoy hitting the road in search of historic roadways, you will find this book to be both enjoyable and educational. It is an absolute must if you are going to physically search for a certain road of your interest. I highly recommend this book. The cost is $22.50 including shipping. If you are a California resident, you must add $1.37 tax.

You can purchase Jack's book through the Truckee-Donner Historical Society. Please e-mail for ordering information.