Lincoln Highway Association California
Lincoln Highway Association

Quarterly Chapter Meeting Minutes – Saturday, October 1, 2022

Echo Summit Lodge
Twin Bridges, California

  1. Meeting called to order at 1:44 PM [Joel]
  2. Introductions [Joel] and attendance [Paulette]
    1. Attendance: 14
    2. Cindy Toran host [California Alpine Club]
  3. Lincoln Highway YouTube Presentation
    1. "Military Convoy Trip of 1919 at Johnson Pass to San Francisco"
  4. Trey gave a presentation about Johnson’s Pass at Echo Summit [Trey]
    1. Notable Names to research at your leisure.
      1. John C "Cockeyed" Johnson: explored and opened Sierra summit which bears his name
      2. Theodore Clemens Wohlbruck (1921): built one of three "canteen service stations."
      3. Jedediah Strong Smith: first American to enter and explore California from the east
      4. Kit Carson: an American frontiersman and Guide exploring California and Oregon
      5. Samuel Kyburz: hired by John Sutter to oversee his growing empire at New Helvetia
  5. Approval of July 2022 Minutes
    1. Paul Gilger motioned to approve the July 2022 minutes, with revision with change October meeting location from Donner Ski Ranch to Echo Summit Lodge.
    2. Trey Pitsenberger seconded.
    3. Motion passed.
  6. Officer and committee reports
    1. Neil Rodrigues: State Director
      1. Was not able to attend
    2. Joel Windmiller: President
      1. Members thanked Monica and Trey for preparing a delicious lunch buffet.
      2. California Conference 2023 Update
        1. Host City: Folsom, California
        2. Hotel location is still being worked on
          1. Hampton Inn [revised per October 8 Zoom meeting]
        3. Sally Buchanan is reaching out to the Lake Natoma Inn and the city to see if they can help us have our event in Historic Folsom.
        4. Conference dates: June 11–15 [revised per October 8 Zoom meeting]
        5. Bus trips over Echo and Donner summits, including walking through 1867 old Central Pacific Railroad Tunnel #6
          1. Photos from the Central Pacific Railroad Photographic History Museum
        6. Pre-tour and Post-tour: your own vehicles
        7. Conference Speakers (per October 1 meeting)
          1. Trey Pitsenberger
          2. James Dalesandro
          3. Jeff Ferreira
      3. LHA National Treasurer John Jackson is stepping down due to health issues.
        1. If you are interested in joining the National Board, here is your chance. Contact board members if interested.
      4. August 14: Joel was a guest on Dan Fagan’s History of the Transportation Systems Podcast, speaking about how the Lincoln Highway affected the building of state highways in the 1920s: Episode 1.02
      5. Stephen Provost, author of several books about historic roads such as Highway 50 and Highway 101, narrated slideshow featuring some pages from the Lincoln Highway book inspired by Gary Kinst. Stephen and Trey Pitsenberger worked together to get Gary Kinst’s book published. It was always Gary Kinst’s dream to have it published.
    3. Trey Pitsenberger: Vice President
      1. Miriam Hall has donated many books for our archives. A huge thank you to her for her generosity.
      2. Clarksville: Trey would like the chapter to assist El Dorado County Historical Society with annual Clarksville Days and help get that event up and running again. Before the California conference, we will need a volunteer crew to coordinate with Moe Mohana to remove buildup of trash along the old alignment in Clarksville. The board will contact Moe about setting up a date for our involvement in this adventure.
    4. Trey Pitsenberger: Signage/Traveler/Chapter Historian
      1. Signage at Strawberry, Fresh Pond, Phillips, Sportsman Hall, and several other places LH signs will be going up soon. They will be easily seen by motorist.
    5. Grant Gassman: Treasurer’s Report [given by Joel]
      1. Deposit: $126 from national
      2. Disbursements:
        1. $159 to Joel for meeting supplies.
        2. $398.73 to Jimmy Lin for website host registration.
      3. Balance: Contact chapter for details
    6. Paulette Johnston: Secretary
      1. Taking notes furiously; no time to talk
    7. Mark Hoffman: Tours
      1. Unable to attend
    8. Jimmy Lin: Website
      1. Unable to attend
    9. Members: Presentations
      1. Joel: President’s item #4
  7. Old business (included in officer and committee reports)
    1. LH Historical Book Project [President Item 5]
    2. 2023 Sacramento Conference [President Item 2]
  8. New business (included in officer and committee reports)
    1. LHA National Treasurer [President Item 3]
    2. 2023 California Conference [President Item 2]
  9. Meeting adjournment at 3:17 PM
    1. Trey Pitsenberger motioned to adjourn
    2. Myrna Johnston seconded.
    3. Motion passed.
  10. Next Meeting: January 7, 2023, location to be determined

Respectfully submitted by
Paulette Johnston, Secretary
December 10, 2022

Edited by President Joel Windmiller and Website editor Jimmy Lin