Lincoln Highway Association California
Lincoln Highway Association

Quarterly Chapter Meeting Minutes — Saturday, January 11, 2020

Smith Flat House
Placerville, California

  1. Meeting called to order: 1:26 pm
  2. Introductions / Attendance Sign-in Sheet Count
    1. Kimberly Micky Berg, Citrus Heights Car Wash: Learned about the LH when they expanded the road in front of her in 2012. She designed her tokens with Highway 40/Lincoln Highway. Found a link to the Lincoln Highway from the internet, and she is excited to join and be apart of the meeting.
    2. (Name not recorded) Lincoln Highway markers on his property and donated them back to the chapter. They are excited to be here and be part of the meeting today.
  3. Approval of October’s meeting minutes
    1. Paul moved to approve the minutes from October. Trey seconded. Motion passed.
  4. Presentations
    1. Trey Pitsenberger: Smith Flat Witness to History
    2. Neil Rodrigues: 2019 Lincoln Highway Association Military Convoy
  5. Due to the length of the presentations which were ahhhhmaaaaazzzzing! (thank you Trey and Neil), we covered only the really important parts of the meeting. All other menu items will be forwarded to the next meeting.
  6. Intermission: 5 minutes before business meeting.
  7. Officer, Staff, and Committee Reports
    1. Neil Rodrigues: State Director
    2. Joel Windmiller: President
    3. Trey Pitsenberger: Vice President
      1. Lincoln Highway sign map: took all the coordinates and put them on the computer. All the signs that are actually marking the Lincoln Highway. This is helpful for us to see where the gaps in signage are. You can zoom in and see the details, coordinates, and pictures of the sign as well as an aerial picture of where the sign is located.
      2. 15 minute tutorial located on YouTube so you can know how to use the online map.
    4. Grant Gassman: Treasurer
      1. Deposits
        • $250: signs
        • (10/29) $243: National
        • $280: Smith Flat House room for the meeting
      2. Paid
        • (12/13) Joel Windmiller for meeting
        • (12/16) $150: Smith Flat House room
      3. Balance available upon request
    5. Paulette Johnston: Secretary
      1. No report submitted
    6. Gary Kinst: Chapter Historian
    7. Jimmy Lin: Website update
    8. Michael Kaelin: Signage
    9. Trey Pitsenberger: Signage
      1. El Dorado and Shingle Springs signage installed. We piggybacked on the national historic trail signs, and put our signs under the other signs marking the road. The signs are on the railroad underpass, Highway 49 and Lincoln Way.
      2. Bids for new signs: $22.50. Must be ordered in sets. First set would be approximately $1400. More robust signs will be double the cost.
      3. This brings up the issue of money. Trey would like to put donation buttons on the website and our Facebook page. For the next meeting that Jimmy is present, he would like to discuss making this happen as well as putting it forward as a motion during the next meeting.
    10. Speakers/Presentations
    11. Tours: Mark Hoffman
  8. Old Business
    1. 2021 Conference [Neil]
    2. Facebook Page: Lincoln Highway in the Golden State [Joel]
    3. Adventures in California History [Trey]
    4. Lincoln Highway Historic Highway Status [Jimmy]
    5. Members
  9. New Business
    1. Officer Elections
      1. Motion by Jeff Peterson to retain current officers to the board with the exception of Field Secretary. Seconded by Myrna Johnston. Motion passed.
      2. The officers for 2020 are:
        • President: Joel Windmiller
        • Vice President: Trey Pitsenberger
        • Treasurer: Grant Gassman
        • Secretary: Paulette Johnston
        • Historian: Gary Kinst
        • Webmaster: Jimmy Lin
        • Field Secretary of Signage: Trey Pitsenberger
    2. State/Local Consul Signage [Trey]
    3. Military Convoy [Dennis Larson]
      1. Dennis participated in the military convoy. He shared a bit about the highlights of the tour, which was 36 days long.
    4. Donations [Trey]
    5. Lincoln Landing Project in Hayward [Neil]
    6. Mountain House Historical Plaque [Joel and Trey]
    7. Signs [Trey]
    8. Members
  10. Meeting Adjourned
    1. Motion to adjourn the meeting by (name not recorded). Trey seconded.
    2. Meeting adjourned at 3:53 pm.

Respectfully submitted
Paulette Johnston, Secretary
April 20, 2020

Edited by Joel Windmiller and James Lin