Lincoln Highway Association California
Lincoln Highway Association

Quarterly Chapter Meeting Minutes — Saturday, April 7, 2018 · 1:30 pm

Duarte Garage and Lincoln Highway Museum
Livermore, California


Thanks to the Duarte Garage for having us here.

Officer, Staff and Committee Reports

State Director: Bob Dieterich

President: Joel Windmiller

Vice-President: Neil Rodrigues

Treasurer: Grant Gassman

Secretary: Paulette Johnston

Gary Kinst: Traveler Newsletter, Historian

Webmaster: Jimmy Lin

Sign Committee Chair: Michael Kaelin


Coach tours/car cruises: Mark Hoffman

Old Business

100th Anniversary of the Pioneer Monument at Donner Memorial State Park — June 9

A rededication, centennial celebration, and restoration kickoff of the Pioneer Monument will start at 11, with family activities from 12 to 4. Afterwards, there will be a centennial fundraising gala for restoring the monument, which has suffered damage due to weather and time, from 5:30 to 9.

Clipper Gap concrete marker

Lincoln Highway California brochures — Joel

Joel contacted Jim Cassler about a California brochure. He won’t charge us a layout fee. Price quote: 1000 would be $612. If we want to proceed with this, Gary is willing to help put panels together. Cassler will do the printing. Gary was asked to take this on due to his amazing job with the Traveler. The purpose of the brochure is to promote interest in the highway and to encourage people to get out and explore the Lincoln Highway.

Altamont Summit Garage clean-up — Sally

Sally Colvin Hoeprich could not attend the meeting. She contacted Adopt-a-Spot about the Altamont Pass Summit Garage. Unfortunately, this site is unavailable for adoption due to safety concerns. Waste Management is supposed to be cleaning up that area. When they do clean up, they use cones and flashing lights for safety. We thank Sally for her work on this item.

2019 Lincoln Highway Military Convoy Tour — Paul

This tour is being organized by Paul and other LHA folks and is unrelated to the MVPA tour. It leaves Washington, D.C. on September 1, 2019, then tours for 16 days, arriving in San Francisco on the evening of September 16.

New Business

Distribution of The Traveler — Gary and Paul

Paul would like to send The Traveler to the LHA archives at the University of Michigan. Electronic versions of The Traveler could go on the road. Contact historical societies that have their own electronic newsletter. We could share links with these organizations to get more of our history out to others and receive information about other historical items.

Kings Canyon Road walk — Ron Breedloven and Kathleen Jarvis

Ron and Kathleen will be walking Kings Canyon Road from the summit to Carson City in June. If you are interested in joining them, they will post more information.

Electric car trip — Walter Spector

100 years ago, there were a bunch of electric vehicles. There was even a 1914 Electric Vehicle Association of America (EVAA). Walter is looking for a route for an electric vehicles tour. Paul thought it an interesting idea, might be discussed in a future meeting.

Grant for signage

Nevada has applied for a grant from national for the expense of signs. Joel asked if we want to apply for a grant from National for signage in California. Discussion. Information on a previous grant will be researched.



Will Bolton, curator of Duarte Garage: History of Naval Air Station Livermore, a World War II naval pilot training base, which later became the site of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

Respectfully submitted
Paulette Johnston, Secretary

Edited by Joel Windmiller and James Lin