Lincoln Highway Association California
Lincoln Highway Association

Quarterly Chapter Meeting Minutes — Saturday, January 9, 2016

Rancho Cordova City Hall
Rancho Cordova, California


  1. Meeting called to order at 1:25pm by President Joel Windmiller:
    1. Joel W thanked Rancho Cordova Historical Society for hosting the meeting
    2. New attendees introduced:
      1. Kendra Stall, Caltrans Librarian
      2. Walter Spector, from Saratoga
    3. Attendance count at meeting: 32
  2. Meeting minutes from last meeting reviewed:
    1. Thanks to Kell Brigan for transcription.
    2. Gary K moved, Jimmy L second, minutes approved.
  3. Officer Reports:
    1. State Director Bob Dieterich:
      1. Acknowledged Ranch Cordova life membership to LHA.
      2. Donna Arz wanted Lincoln Highway sign for the Forgotten Veterans Memorial in Auburn on Lincoln Highway. Bob D purchased sign for her.
      3. Folsom District Museum has historical display now, includes Orangevale Bridge.
      4. Bob D will write article for The Traveler about history of Clarksville.
    2. President Joel Windmiller:
      1. Represented LHA at Ridge Route 100th anniversary celebration.
      2. Ridge Route President Harrison Scott gave 3 books to Joel W, Paul G and Jimmy L as thanks for the online Ridge Route map work done by them.
      3. Jimmy L working with Ridge Route group to link online map to their website.
      4. Joel W spoke at Duarte Garage 100th anniversary celebration.
      5. Discussed LH Marker Eagle Scout Project by a scout (Zach) in Rancho Cordova.
      6. Introduced Nathan Balaguy, Eagle Scout who did 2 LH Markers. Nathan said hello.
      7. Norton Grade Road water agency pipeline project discussed. Paul G discussed proposal and showed prepared map. Current pavement is not original. Kendra S with CalTrans will do more research about whether old pavement exists underneath. If old pavement is found, we’ll ask for saving a section for a mitigating monument or sign. Acknowledged the road is too dangerous for people to pull over to see a monument.
      8. Joel W sent 270 meeting reminder cards. Only 2 returned.
    3. Vice-President Neil Rodrigues:
      1. Neil R will present his photos of the 2015 Joy Tour at later date. Has about 8000 photos on thumb drives to distribute to members.
      2. Explained his taking photos in same location as the 1915 locations, and also photographing new landmarks for future generations.
    4. Treasurer Grant Gassman:
      1. Account balance available upon request.
      2. Explained Sports Leisure donations of $450 from bus tours.
      3. Acknowledged donation from Bill Vontagen for signs up to Donner.
    5. Secretary Jackie Ferreira — no report
    6. Traveler Editor Gary Kinst:
      1. Would like to have President’s Report and State Director’s Report in each edition of the Traveler.
      2. Acknowledged Kevin Shawver for signs in Stockton and linking Gary K to 3 online historical websites to get historical info.
      3. Discussed $3000 grant from LHA endowment fund for Truckee Project.
        1. Bob D explained the grant was good for 3 years, if they weren’t claimed. Still available. Don’t have to reapply. Targeted for E Clampus Vitus monument at southern point of LH in Hayward, and another LH monument at Victory Hwy eagle in Truckee - $1500 to each project.
        2. Lee Schegg reports that Eagle got moved — no room for location for LHA marker at new location. (Supposed to be LH marker and plaque by the Eagle.) Now, there is no room. Plaque has been made, but in storage in a clampers garage in Reno. E Clampus Vitus paid for the plaque. LHA need to pay the cost of mounting it, and a new LHA marker.
        3. Gary K says there are 2 LHA markers in West Sacramento. Bob D says that those two markers were paid for and owned by the City of West Sacramento and not available for use anywhere else.
    7. Webmaster Jimmy Lin:
      1. Website and social media statistics, comparing Q4 2015 vs Q4 2014:
        1. Facebook LHA page likes up 19%
        2. Twitter LHA page followers up 18%
        3. Google+ LHA followers up 8%
        4. LHA Website up nearly 50% overall
          1. Desktop use up 19%
          2. Phones use up 102%
          3. Tablets use up 70%
      2. Jimmy revised more of the website for phones.
      3. Needs to upload last two chapter meeting minutes. Will work with Joel.
      4. Online map up about 50%. More people enter the website through the map than the homepage.
    8. Sign Committee Chair Mike Kaelin:
      1. Acknowledged Rancho Cordova for signs.
      2. Discussed Silva Valley Parkway signs and locations, working with Adrianna with El Dorado County Department of Transportation. No estimate yet on timing of sign installation — pending weather.
      3. Discussed John Sherpa’s LH stone monument in Lathrop — repair metal plaques on stone.
      4. Wants to address Lathrop, Harlan and Manthey Road signage.
      5. Will meet with Sunrise Rotary about signs.
      6. LH sign stolen at west end of Altamont Road. Two signs run over in Hayward.
      7. Thanks to Kevin Shawver helping with LH signs in Stockton.
    9. Speakers Report — none.
    10. Mark Hoffman from Sports Leisure Travel:
      1. Will do 2 coach tours this year: late spring to Livermore and late fall into the Sierras.
      2. Acknowledged Paul G for donating tour guide payment to the chapter.
    11. Paul G decided on no LHA CA car tour this year. Explained national LHA conference tour after Gettysburg conference (June 13-17), on National Road and Route 66. (Info on LHA national website.)
  4. Old Business:
    1. Mike K explained Colfax signs in limbo for the time being.
    2. Paul G discussed Western Terminus plaque replacement. To discuss with Lisa Branston with city of SF. Bob D has original artwork on file to make a new sign. City of SF has some funds available for sign maintenance. Gary K contacting Greg Dawson who worked with George Clark on plaque and built it — Greg will inspect the plaque to see what needs to be done.
    3. Gary K has been in touch with people in Lathrop about John Sherpa monument.
    4. Kell B discussed she would contact estate sales companies about giving them the heads up to be on the look for LH markers and memorabilia. Paul G moved, Greg Beemer second, motion passed to have Kell B proceed.
    5. Bob D discussed Orangevale Bridge. Guardrails need to be updated for safety. Will look the same after work is done.
    6. Bob D discussed Scenic Byway status. LHA NY Director Jerry Peppers researched “All American Road” status. No money available from Congress.
  5. New Business:
    1. Officers elected for 2016: Joel Windmiller, President • Neil Rodrigues, VP • Grant Gassman, Treasurer • Myrna Johnston, Secretary. Mark Hoffman moved, Kell Brigan second, officer slate accepted. Bob Dietrich continues on in his 3-year term as LHA CA State Director.
    2. Original LHA marker was for sale online, located in Genoa, NV. Per Joel W’s suggestion and Bob D’s encouragement, Nevada Chapter is approaching the seller to buy it and put it in National Auto Museum in Reno.
    3. Paul G mentioned Tortilla Flats in Placerville has closed and the need to protect the LH marker in the front wall in case the façade is remodeled by whoever is the new owner. Ken Allen from Placerville volunteered to track it and work with Placerville downtown historical district.
    4. Lee Schegg discussed Donner Pass Road and Rainbow Bridge. Road to be stabilized and widen for bike lanes. Norm Sayler told Lee S that Caltrans and Donner Historical Society are in favor of it, as is the Nevada County Supervisor. (See MyNevadaCounty website for info.) Lee S recommended CA chapter needs to monitor and follow through. Lee S believes that the bridge is a registered Nevada County historical landmark, but not on National Register. Paul G recommended focusing on the bridge — widening the road is a lesser issue. Nevada County Dept. of Transportation owns the bridge. Lee S will keep chapter updated.
  6. Meeting adjourned at 3pm. Paul G moved, Gary K second.
  7. Next chapter meeting Sat April 2nd at Brennan’s Restaurant, Berkeley. Paul G to arrange.
  8. Post-meeting presentation by Brian Smith about old metal highway signs in his collection.

Respectfully submitted, Paul Gilger
January 24, 2016