The Traveler
The Newsletter of the Lincoln Highway Association - California Chapter

Summer 2001


2000-01 Annual Report


State Director: Carmel Barry-Schweyer
President: Mary Salazar
Vice-President: Norman Root
Treasurer: Lauretta Powell (2000), Joe Schlecter (2001)
Newsletter Editor:  Wes Hammond

Held four chapter meetings with average attendance around 20. Four executive board meetings were also held.

Adopted a set of bylaws that had been sitting on the table for several years. This was done so that the chapter can qualify to apply for grant money.

Began publishing a quarterly newsletter, The Traveler. Four editions were published this year. Besides the usual announcements, the newsletter contains Lincoln Highway stories contributed by various members.

Conducted the third annual Lincoln Highway motor tour in September. This year's tour ran from West Sacramento to Fairfield, over the 1927 alignment. This was the second year that we placed a replica "Boy Scout" marker on the tour. The concrete marker was placed in the city of Dixon at the request of the City Director of Public Works. Boy Scout Troop 152 from Dixon set the marker during the ceremony. Jack Duncan laid out the route and discovered four original markers not previously known to us.

The West Sacramento Historical Society ordered four concrete replica markers from us and will set one of them as part in the MAFCA-LHA motor tour in September.

Established a chapter web site. James Lin, who is webmaster for the national Lincoln Highway Association web site, created a link from that site for the California Chapter. The address is

Established a speakers bureau. Norman Root has made presentations to the Caltrans Education Committee, the Rocklin Historical Society, the West Sacramento Historical Society, and the Reliable A's Model A Ford Club. Four more presentations are currently being booked.

Most of the club's effort this year has been in planning the 2002 National Convention. Mary Salazar has reserved the Holiday Inn North in Sacramento. Jack Duncan has planned the day tour to Donner Summit and the Dog Valley route, and Norman Root has planned the Altamont Pass/San Francisco/Carquinez Bridge day tour. Wes Hammond is helping to develop the tour guides. Seminar speakers are being invited one at a time to make their presentations at regular chapter meetings. This gives the speakers a chance to practice and for the chapter to critique. So far we have had Norman Root presenting "Lincoln Highway Bridges in California," and Bill Roe presenting "All the Way to Lincoln Way: A Coast-to-Coast Bicycle Odyssey."

Two, maybe three, bicyclists are planning a cross country tour of the Lincoln Highway this summer. This tour was inspired by the speaker's presentation made at Caltrans.

The chapter wishes to take credit for the research work done by several individuals: Carmel Barry-Schweyer, Jack Duncan, Norman Root, George Clark, and Dean and Mary Salazar have all discovered the whereabouts of previously unknown concrete markers this year. Jack Duncan is writing a book of detailed maps comparing the Lincoln Highway, Victory Highway, Overland Emigrant Trail, and the Dutch Flat-Lake Tahoe Wagon Road alignments along the current Interstate 80 corridor. Wes Hammond has done some original research in preparation for newsletter stories. George Clark continues to dig into route history in the Bay Area. Several others have also shared their discoveries at chapter meetings.

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