Lincoln Highway Association: California Chapter P.O. Box 447
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Quarterly Chapter Meeting Minutes — Saturday, April 6, 2013

Bearcat Properties
Santa Clara, California


The meeting was called to order at approximately 12:50 p.m.

Changes to the agenda — Item 11a. Today’s presentation, watching the DVD This Highway Dedicated to Abraham Lincoln, was moved to the beginning of the meeting to be viewed during lunch.

Joel Windmiller announced that the Packard parked in front of the door was Henry B. Joy’s. A group picture will be taken at the conclusion of the meeting.

Joel is acting President while Paul Gilger is recovering from eye surgery.

The minutes from January 5, 2013 in Loomis were approved.

Officers and Staff Reports

State Director Bob Dieterich
Bob is currently out of town but shared his points with Joel for the meeting. At the national level, the focus is on the 100th Anniversary tour. Kay Shelton appointed Joe Jackson as board member. Rollin Southwell, the 2005 Chair, passed away in Nevada. His obituary is located on for those who are interested in viewing it.
President Paul Gilger
Eagle Scout Nathan Baluguy is currently working on LH concrete markers and will ask Paul and the Association where the signs should be located. Most of the road in Clarksville was saved, but some parts were too damaged to preserve.
The Chapter is still looking for a secretary. The use of a tape recorder was approved so anyone interested would be able to tape the meetings and transcribe from the tape. Volunteers should notify Paul.
Vice-President and Membership Chairman Joel Windmiller
Joel is in communication with the City of Sacramento and Sacramento County to place LH signs in the area. So far the response has been positive.
Treasurer Grant Gassman
Grant reported the budget, which is available upon request. Balance accepted.
Traveler Editor and Chapter Historian: Gary Kinst
Gary contacted the LHA Archives to find the route between Hayward and Oakland. Gary brought pencil sketches for review and a guidebook and map to the Lincoln Highway by Gael Hoag. He is currently trying to determine when and how the road was re-routed. Information will be shared in the next Traveler newsletter. An interactive map of the Lincoln Highway is at
Webmaster Jimmy Lin
Jimmy was not present but shared with Joel that he is working on the 100th Anniversary website, including the tour itinerary and stops. A Lincoln Highway group is located on Facebook — the group basically runs itself. Jimmy will post a note to encourage members to join. The group is at

Committee Reports

Membership Chairman Joel Windmiller
250 postcards were sent, 4 were returned.
Coach Tour director Mark Hoffman
Mark was not present but shared with Joel that Saturday, October 26 is the date set for the coach tour from Sacramento to San Francisco, with lunch at the Cliff House. Prices for the tour will be available in July at the Sports Leisure website. The tour has not yet been posted on the website.
Car Cruises — Paul Gilger
For the 100th Anniversary tour, so far 100 cars have signed up, 50 from each coast. A 1930 Model A truck is being shipped to San Francisco from Hawaii. People from 6–7 countries and many states are participating. There are 90 stops total. Rosemary Rubin is doing an amazing job. Stops along the tour are offering discounts to members. The city of Auburn will present a proclamation at Lincoln Park.
The oldest cars are a 1913 Stoddard-Dayton and a 1916 Oldsmobile Model 44, with a 1906 Locomobile possibly included. The Packard owned by the Joy family will be trailered to the end of the tour at Kearney, Nebraska. Kearney will be blocking off streets to allow cars to be arranged by era. An online map and tour instructions will be located on the website. Approximately one third of the cars are pre-1930s.
Paul described certain areas of the tour as isolated, with no gas stations, cell towers, etc. Rental cars are welcome on the tour.
Signs — Mike Kaelin
Signs are going well; historic groups in the cities and counties are working on securing permanent signs. 14 signs are being placed in the Castro Valley area. Mike requested that new signs be added as new business, as he came up short for requests.
Speaker’s Requests — Joe Teresi
Joe received a request from the Millbrae Historical Society for a presentation. He made the presentation himself using the PBS documentary A Ride Along the Lincoln Highway from the library.
Yahoo Groups — Neil Rodrigues
Neil says the group, at, is better than Facebook as there is no “friending” or junk mail involved. There is a folder on California with photos and information. Neil is the moderator of the group. You can subscribe to a daily e-mail digest of new messages in the group.

Old Business

100th Anniversary Tour Sacramento dinner update by Sally Hoeprich: The date will be Sunday, June 23 at 7:30 p.m., during the San Francisco-to-Sacramento leg. The California Chapter is hosting. Guests can stay at the Downtown Sacramento Holiday Inn. Dinner will be held at the California Automobile Museum. The cost of the dinner is included in the tour. Joel has items from Norm Root that the museum may be interested in displaying; he will check with the museum. A discussion then followed regarding images to be used at the museum as a backdrop for the cars that will be parked. PowerPoint images were discussed. A budget with a $300 maximum was approved.

Gary Kinst stated that he has three videos he will bring to the next meeting to share; one is a video of a 1915 road trip in a Model T that was going to be presented at the 1915 Panama–Pacific Exposition.

Paul Gilger stated that Nathan Baluguy was sending documents which requires a signature for the troop. Scott was waiting for an email response to several inquiries on the project.

New Business

Joel Windmiller reminded everyone that after the meeting there would be a group photo with the 1914 Henry Joy Packard.

Grant Gassman announce that he will speak at the Elk Grove Historical Society meeting on May 20th at 7 PM featuring the PBS DVD A Ride Along the Lincoln Highway.

Michael Kaelin reported that Scott Miner has requested 14 signs. He asked for a motion for 40 more additional signs to be purchased from Sign-o-Rama for $813.75. Motion was made by Mark Long and seconded by Amelia Alff.

Neil Rodrigues will speak at the Sacramento Valley Model T Club on April 24 on the 100th Anniversary tour and history of the highway.

Jon Alff suggested that a video of the 100th Anniversary Tour would be a great idea. Paul Hoeprich suggested that if someone would be interested in taking this on, please let the chapter know. Neil announced if anyone video recorded the tour, he and Gary would edit the video and create a DVD for sale.

Grant stated there are several locations along I-80 that the city of Colfax selected to place LH signs. Norm Sayler from the Donner Summit Historical Society wants to place Historic Route 40 signs in Colfax. A presentation before the Colfax City Council will take place after the tour.

Next Meeting

Scott Miner made a motion, seconded by Paul Hoeprich, to move the next chapter meeting date from July 6 to August 10, to allow members to recover after the tour.

A motion was made by Paul Hoeprich, seconded by Jon Alff, to select a location in the Berkeley area to host the next chapter meeting on Saturday, August 10, at a place where lunch costs no more than $20 and has a meeting room. Motion carried. No specific location was selected.

Meeting Adjournment

Joel made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Seconded by Jon Alff.

Amelia Alff asked for a raise of hand of members and guests who plan on going on the 100th Anniversary Tour. Paul stated that there will be more Californians on the tour.

Meeting adjourned at 2:30 PM.

A group photo with the 1914 Packard was taken followed by a tour of the collection.

There was a special treat for members who stayed late: a ride in the 1914 Packard.

Spring Meeting Attendance List (35 attendees)

  1. Joel Windmiller
  2. Amelia Alff
  3. Jon Alff
  4. Gary Kinst
  5. Myron Gershenson
  6. Markie Gershenson
  7. Stephanie Perrier
  8. Sally Hoeprich
  9. Paul Hoeprich
  10. Michael Kaelin
  11. Eva-Martin-Long
  12. Mark Long
  13. Ken Masterman
  14. Chuck Elderton
  15. Nora Elderton
  16. Larry Lee
  17. Pam Lee
  18. David Lee
  19. Jackie Ashman-Ferria
  20. Miriam Hull
  21. Dennis Larson
  22. Dan Erceg
  23. Neil A. Rodrigues
  24. Dam Smith
  25. Patrick Chronis
  26. Paul Gilger
  27. Sue Marx
  28. Scott Miner
  29. Montaput Miner
  30. Lee Smith
  31. Rodan Gove
  32. Joe Teresi
  33. Steve Baird
  34. Greg Gassman
  35. Grant Gassman
  36. Bob Dalola

Respectfully submitted on July 14, 2013
Joel Windmiller, California Chapter Vice-President