Lincoln Highway Association: California Chapter P.O. Box 447
Carmichael, CA 95609

Quarterly Chapter Meeting Minutes — Saturday, October 1, 2011

Banta Inn
Banta, CA

  1. Meeting called to order at 1:00 PM. Vice-President Paul Gilger presiding.
  2. 23 members, including spouses, attended. Officers included Vice-President Paul Gilger, Secretary/Recorder Mike Kaelin, Webmaster Jimmy Lin, Membership Chair Joel Windmiller, and Promo Chair Carolyn Harkonnen. State Director Bob Dieterich and Treasurer Kell Brigan were absent. We were joined by three or four “outside” guests.

    • Paul Gilger, Vice-President
    • Carolyn Harkonnen, Promo Chair
    • Michael Borlson
    • Joel Windmiller, Membership Chair
    • Professor Myron and Margaritta Gershenson
    • Kathy Garcia
    • Onalee Koster, Director of Tracy Historical Museum
    • David and Judith Lee, President of West Side Pioneer Association of Tracy
    • Mike Kaelin, Secretary
    • James M. Armstrong
    • Bob Chase
    • Tom and Linda Voss
    • Scott and Noon Miner
    • Jim and Naomi Shand
    • Mark Hoffmann, President of Sports Leisure Vacations
    • Jimmy Lin, Webmaster
    • Lloyd Johnson
    • John Serpa
  3. Agenda was approved.
  4. Minutes of the July 9, 2011 meeting were approved.
  5. Officers’ Reports — State Director and Treasurer were absent; Chapter President vacant.
    1. State Director Bob Dieterich — Bob wrote of Norman Root’s passing and how much he contributed to the LHA; Lloyd Johnson may have more details. Bob wrote of Lincoln Highway tour promotions he is preparing, including the opening of Cadjew property in the Donner Lake Area (see 5(f) below).
    2. President Norm Root — Sadly, Norm passed away on September 27, 2011. His obituary can be found in the Sacramento Bee online. His memorial service will be held at Northminster Presbyterian Church, 3235 Pope Ave, Sacramento, CA, on Saturday, October 15 at 2 PM. He will be sorely missed.
    3. Vice-President Paul Gilger — Paul said that he and Lloyd would work on an obituary for Norm, to be submitted to The Forum before November 7.
    4. Treasurer Kell Brigan — Balance was reported. Full report can be sent on request.
    5. Secretary Mike Kaelin
    6. Bob Dieterich reported the Cadjews, who owned the property at the eastern end of the Lincoln Highway, Overland Trail, and Dutch Flat-Donner Lake Wagon Road as it came down to Donner Lake from Donner Pass, have sold their land to a land trust. They had the road barricaded to hikers, and it was subject to much fighting at the county level. The land trust has opened the land and you can now hike all the way down from Donner Pass, starting at the Pacific Crest Trail, to Donner Lake. The Cadjews paid less than a half million dollars for the property and sold it to the trust for 3.5 million dollars. Pretty good deal for them and us, who want to preserve that stretch of highway.
  6. Committee Reports
    1. Webmaster Jimmy Lin is working with Paul to transfer current Lincoln Highway map CDs to Google Earth map base. This will result in free Lincoln Highway maps online and hopefully will tie in well with the 2013 tours.
    2. Membership Chair Joel Windmiller reports that the first general mailing of postcards to California Chapter members was successful.
    3. Maps Chair Paul Gilger reports AAA contract will terminate in December 2012. DeLorme map base will not be updated. (See 6(a) above.)
    4. Cruise Guide Paul Gilger reports that they did not gain much traction in the past year.
    5. Sports Leisure Vacations will be promoted by our chapter for all future coach tours. Owner Mark Hoffmann has been in business for 32 years.
    6. Lincoln Highway Sign Project Coordinator Mike Kaelin reports that progress has been slow. He has developed a tri-partnership outline which includes the participation of the LHA California Chapter, historical associations, and municipalities. Mike will be making a presentation on Thursday, October 13 to the City of Dublin’s Heritage & Cultural Arts Commission for final approval of four Lincoln Highway signs to be installed on Dublin Boulevard.
    7. Promo Chair Carolyn Harkonnen: No new info to report.
  7. Old Business
    1. Tourism Development: Mike has a current listing of most historical associations along LH routes in California to contact for future tours. Car clubs should be contacted well before the 2013 national tours. Mark Hoffmann has proposed the LH as a tour destination for the National Tour Association (NTA) in 2013. Bob Dieterich is helping to prepare an article for Byways Magazine on the LH and has provided a letter of endorsement to the NTA, including support for Sports Leisure Vacation and a plug for the LHA Centennial Celebration in Kearney, Nebraska in June 2013.
  8. New Business
    1. Norm’s obituary for the Forum: Paul mentioned that the chapter will prepare an obituary for the next Forum; Paul, Lloyd Johnson, and perhaps Bob will help in this regard. Bob Dieterich, LHA State and National Director, said that “Norm contributed so very much to the LHA and will be missed.”
    2. DeSilva interchange near Clarksville: Caltrans’ initial plans called for the demise of some of the original LH alignment near historic Clarksville. The present LaTrobe exit from US 50 will be closed, totally eliminating Tong Rd and a portion of White Rock Rd (LH). Paul worked with Caltrans to have plans altered to retain as much of the old Lincoln Highway in that area as possible.
    3. The Traveler: Much to the dismay of many, Gary Kinst resigned as Editor of The Traveler, the LHA California Chapter newsletter. Our chapter sadly may have to discontinue it because of increased expenditures.
    4. Meeting Dates for 2012: (all on Saturday)
      Winter: January 7
      Spring: April 7
      Summer: July 7
      Autumn: October 6
    5. For the winter meeting, Mike will arrange a joint chapter meeting with the Livermore Heritage Guild at Duarte’s Lincoln Highway Garage in Livermore. Heating and seating will be checked out. It is possible we may arrange the luncheon at a nearby restaurant, and then hold business meeting at the garage.
    6. As for the cruises and tours, it was decided for 2012 to have one coach tour and one cruise. Mark Hofmann with Sports Leisure Vacations will choose a date in early June for a Lincoln Highway coach tour from Sacramento to Donner Pass via the Sierra northern route. After that is set, Paul will choose a date in late August for an Lincoln Highway cruise from Sacramento to Lake Tahoe via the Sierra southern route.
    7. Election of new officers: There will be an election of new officers at the winter meeting on January 7, 2012. Please attend this meeting if you wish to vote, or to be considered for a position.
  9. Next meeting: Next meeting date is Saturday, January 7, 2011. It will held at or near Duarte’s Historic Lincoln Highway Garage, at the intersection of Junction Avenue, Portola Avenue, and North L Street in Livermore. (See 8(d) above).
  10. Meeting adjourned at 2:40 PM.
  11. After the meeting, the chapter took a tour of the town of French Camp.

Submitted by Mike Kaelin, Secretary-Recorder