Lincoln Highway Association: California Chapter P.O. Box 447
Carmichael, CA 95609

Quarterly Chapter Meeting Minutes — Saturday, January 8, 2011

Puerto Vallarta Restaurant
11 N. Center St.
Stockton, CA

All chapter officers were present, except Gary Kinst. Officers present included Norm, Bob, Paul, Kell, Jimmy, and Mike. 20 members signed in.

1 pm: Introductions

  • Kenneth and Jeanine Allen
  • Lynn Sutton
  • Bruce Macfarland
  • Tom Rut
  • Stephanie Perrier
  • Myron Gershenson
  • Ken Masterman
  • Lloyd Johnson
  • Miriam Hull
  • Tom and Lynn Voss
  • Bob Chase
  • Carolyn Harkonnen


  1. Officers’ Reports
    1. Secretary: Mike reported that October 2 Minutes were approved
    2. Treasurer: Kell reported current finances.
    3. VP:
      • Paul is working with Marc de la Vergue with the Capitol Development Authority on getting LH signage in downtown Sacramento, and 2 concrete markers adjacent to the Capitol grounds.
      • Thanked Carolyn for publicity promoting our tours and cruises.
      • Mentioned the purchase of more walkie-talkies
      • Mentioned that there were a record 18 persons on the last Donner Pass tour.
      • Mentioned that we have only 1.5 years left on our AAA Maps license
    4. Editor: Gary was not present. He has recently moved into his new home in Rio Vista, and will be catching up on The Traveler as soon as he gets caught up online again.
    5. Webmaster: Jimmy Lin: Bob will be getting (4 docs) info soon re: National Website
  2. State Director’s Report
    • Bob: Jim Bonar is arranging for forest green National Conference shirts, with gold inscriptions for California and silver for Nevada. The conference hotel will be Harveys at Stateline, Nevada, with room rates as low as $59. “We need speakers from several organizations.”
  3. Annual Election of Officers
    • Bob moved that we postpone elections for the Spring Quarterly Meeting. The motion was seconded by Mike and approved by all present.
  4. National Conference at South Lake Tahoe 2011
    • Paul: Handed out detailed plans for the National Conference in June. Mentioned that Mark Hoffman of Leisure Travel LLC, recently conducted a bus tour of the LH from Salt Lake City to San Francisco. Paul and Jim Bonar will be handling most of the arrangements for the conference, including the pre and post conference tours and activities.
  5. Other Project Reports
    1. Publicity: Carolyn should get copy of the Sacramento projects for press release and e-mail Jimmy Lin, the webmaster.
    2. Tours and Cruises — Paul: program was very successful in 2010.
    3. Lincoln Highway Signs — Mike: 3 more standard LH signs were installed on 11th St. (LH) in Tracy, including the LH Station sign posted to the Tracy Inn. 3 signs went up in the Altamont Pass (2 on Altamont Pass Rd., and 1 on Grant Line (in Alameda County). 43 signs remain in Mike’s custody. LH sign sponsorships have been approved by the cities of Livermore, San Leandro, Dublin, and Stockton. Galt has expressed interest too. In addition to our signs, Norm mentioned that we can also offer concrete replica LH posts at a cost of $500 each. (The signs are nominally $39 each for sponsorships).
    4. E. Clampus Vitus Project in Hayward — Myron: reports that the intersection of A St. and Foothill Blvd is torn up for repairs, so the ECV plaque project is currently on hold there. Myron was honored for his very interesting article in the Forum on the 1915 International Pan American Exhibition in San Francisco. He is currently planning a detailed article on the Midland Trail.
    5. Projects currently in abeyance: LH Volkswalks, Letterboxing, Sacramento County and Placer County historic organizations, and self-guided tours are currently on hold or not reported.
  6. The meeting adjourned at about 2:40 pm. Mike led a short field trip to the historic Stockton Hotel, and we were greeted by a resident condo owner.

Submitted by Mike Kaelin, Secretary-Recorder