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Lincoln Highway Association

News and Updates — August 2016

Hello Nevada Chapter Members,

It’s been a busy summer which is almost coming to an end! A nice crowd met in July at Louis’ for lunch to discuss various Chapter matters. Thanks to Connie Davis for our excellent minutes, which you can read here.

I have many thank yous to send out. First, the Chapter would like to thank member Bill von Tagen; at the California Chapter meeting, he presented a $300 check to Jim Bonar for the Nevada Chapter to specifically purchase LH logo signs for placement throughout the state. Currently, Brian Suen is surveying the state to designate locations that are in need of signage. Also, C.J. Smith has stepped up to serve as Vice President. I want to thank C.J. for checking up on the Mogul railings and picking up trash around the site.

Speaking of the Mogul site, the new interpretive sign is now installed! I’ve included some photos at the bottom of this page. It looks great! I’d like to thank Brian Suen for coordinating the NDOT/Highway Patrol paperwork and Jim Bonar for coordinating the installation itself. Jim had a great helper do the digging and hauling. Jim Bonar, Tom Davis, Brian Suen and I went out, and we were able to get the job done in about two hours. While we were at it, Jim used his jeep to upright one of the protective poles! Good job one and all. The site itself looks good except for all the cigarette butts. We have talking about placing some “LH Butt Cans” out at the location; it’s something we need to discuss.

And lastly, the Chapter will be having a road trip tour to view the early Dog Valley alignment of the LH on October 1. I’d like to thank Mike Mooney and Chad Hicks for organizing the trip. You can read the details of the trip here. We hope many of you will be able to attend the tour.

Our next lunch meeting is planned for November 12, with details to come.

Thanks so much and see you on down the road!


Installation of the new interpretive sign at Mogul