6 thoughts on “Nominations for Preservation Opportunities list open

  1. I would like to know if the Illinois Chapter has regular meetings and if so, how can I find out when they are. My husband and I have gone to various towns in Illinois where the Highway runs through but can’t seem to find anyone else there from the organization so figure we must be missing something. thanks for your help.

  2. Next week, we are taking a road trip to Chicago from Denver to take our daughter to college. Please tell us the advantages of taking the Lincoln Highway as opposed to I-80. We are hoping for a less boring, more historically and visually interesting trip. However a quick glance at maps shows the Lincoln Highway as paralleling much of 1-80 for the Denver-Chicago route. Thanks for your perspectives!

  3. I have a question- my neighbors informed me that on October 27th 2012, here in York County, Pennsylvania, on Pigeon Hill Road, that the Dennis Hiner estate is having an auction and in that auction is an old, OLD early concrete mixer that was used to pave the earliest parts of the Lincoln Highway here in PA. I am wondering if anyone there would be interested in purchasing it. I am approaching your group about possibly purchasing and preserving it. I cant do it myself, but my neighbors told me about it since I am working on our barn with the intention of making part of it a local history museum. It is still in the early stages, and moves along in fits and starts. But I figured you have the connections to the interested parties that may chose to take part in rescuing this large item ( I myself haven’t seen it yet). My name is Annalisa Gojmerac, and feel free to pass this information along to anyone who wants to rescue this historic item, before it is sold, quite probably, for scrap. Thanks for your attention.

  4. Just as a private person interested in ALL the layers of history I wonder what the Lincoln Highway Association’s take is concerning the sad news that the General Lee’s Headquarter’s Motel is being demolished on 2015 to bring the property back to it’s 1863 look. What about the 1920s and 1930s highway history they are wiping out? Don’t the Civil War activists recall what Rockefeller did to make Williamsburg “Colonial” again – he knocked down buildings that were there during the May 1862 Civil War Battle of Willamsburg and demolished half of a Confederate General’s Headquarters because they were not there in the 18th Century! Also: what will happen to the gas pump?

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