Thanks for joining us for the
14th Annual
Lincoln Highway National Conference

Coe College • Cedar Rapids, Iowa• June 13-17, 2006

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As many are aware, Kyle Gassiott joined the conference on Friday working on
programming about the Lincoln Highway for the NPR series: Weekend America. Kyle spent some time with Dick S.
one of the West tour guides recently, visited Youngville Café on July 20th & passed through Marshalltown for a cold
A & W. The segment featuring Iowa aired Saturday, July 29th. The series presents in order by state east to west.

The Lincoln Highway Segments in the Series kicked off July 1st
[Check out the Photo Gallery: Spotted: Mitch Dakelman wears his "Out of the Mud" Iowa Conference shirt in photo!]

Part 2 of the Lincoln Highway Road Trip Aired July 15th
Yolanda Perdomo continues the trip West from Illinois just into Iowa.

Part 3 Covering Iowa & Conference Aired July 29th.
The Weekend America series, continues down the nation's first coast-to-coast road. Check out the gallery:
There's Youngville, Dick Shield (step on tour guide from Conference West tour and lifelong Lincoln HIghway resident)
and pie & A&W photos to make you hungry and thirsty to drive a section of the highway. Have a listen: You'll hear Iowa native Gregory Franzwa, Kyle Gassiott, Youngville volunteers and diners, Ron Prescott, Dick Shield and many other Lincoln Highway lovers. The series segments are archived on the site if you want to listen later.

Then follow the series and the Lincoln Highway west. . .


If you forgot to order yours, you may still do so.
Include address you wish photo mailed to & send $15 to:
PO BOX 108
Vinton, IA 52349


John Harmon is shown selecting a Youngville Café postcard for
official "Get Out of the Mud" postal cancellation. The cancellation was organized
by Rollin Southwell (also shown) and Russell Rein. Youngville Photo was courtesy of
Mike Kelly with postcard design by Russell Rein.

The National Lincoln Highway Association Conference held at Coe College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa June 13-17, 2006 featured an official U.S. Postal Service (USPS) commemorative postal cancellation on Friday, June 16. The cancellation featured the Iowa conference theme “Get out of the Mud. A limited number of Youngville Café postcards were created for the conference cancellation. The postcards are available for sale at Youngville during their regular hours.


East Tour Links

Mt. Vernon Historic Districts and Eras

Cornell College Historic District

West Tour Links

Youngville Café

Reed-Niland - Restoration Page


Drake Hokanson — Nationally acclaimed author
"Changes in the Lincoln Highway since
Main Street Across America"

• Kathleen Dow — History Transportation History Librarian,
Special Collections Library, University of Michigan

"The LHA Archive in the Special Collections Library at the
University of Michigan"

• Jan Shupert-Arick — National LHA Vice President, Indiana State LH Director
"Mapping the Lincoln Highway with Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps"

• Richard Thomas — Chair Linn County Historic Preservation Commission
"Interpreting the Lincoln Highway in Linn County: The Work of the Commission's Task Force"

• Greg Franzwa — Author, Editor, Top Dog at Patrice Press and LH Icon
"Alice's Drive: Republishing "Veil, Duster, and Tire Iron" with annotations and "Chasing
Alice" by Gregory M. Franzwa.

• Jim Ranninger — Past President LHA National President
"94 Years of Lincoln Highway Camping"

• Liz Gilman — Communications Director, White Pole Road Development Corporation
"A Lincoln Highway Might-Have-Been: Iowa's White Pole Road"

•Jeff LaFollette — Iowa State LH Director
"Route 66: The Other Road"

• Mark Hunter — Cedar Rapids and Linn County Historian
"A Walking Tour of Cedar Rapids Automobile Row"
[On above website, see section: 20th century: 1900-1955]

• Lyell Henry — History Professor Emeritus, Mt. Mercy College
"A Lincoln Spin-Off: The Jefferson Highway"

• Jeff Benson, Past President Iowa LHA
"New Policies for an Old Road; Iowa Department of Transportation
Programs Preserve and Promote the Lincoln Highway across Iowa" 

• Laura Nekola — Graduate of Coe College and former Illinois State LH Director
"A Walking Tour of Grant Wood Art on the Coe College Campus"


Patrice Press

Lincoln Highway Trading Post

Russell Rein

Brickstreet Station [Woodbine, IA]

IDOT 50th Interstate
Anniversary Display

A & A Coin [Iowa City, IA]

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