Lincoln Highway Association
California Chapter

Minutes for the April 21, 2001 Meeting

McClellan Aviation Museum
Sacramento, California

The meeting started at 2:00 PM, with everyone in the audience introducing themselves. There was also a little show-and-tell, including Motorcyclist magazine, and the January 1926 issue of National Geographic.

The state director, Carmel Barry-Schweyer, resigned, and Norman Root, the vice-president, agreed to also become the state director.

At 2:26, our featured speaker, Bill Roe, started his slide show on his bicycle trip across the country along the Lincoln Highway. He rode from San Francisco to New York over 2 months and 3300 miles, averaging 60 miles a day. The slide show consisted of photographs taken during his cycling trip. Most of the photos are also in his book about the trip, All the Way to Lincoln Way, except all of the slide show photos were in color. His presentation was excellent and was well complemented by the photos. It encouraged many members to buy his book, and get it signed by the author!

At 3:30, our treasurer, Joe Schlechter, gave a quarterly report. Details are available upon request.

Then Dean Salazar, who is also a member of the Model A Ford Club of America (MAFCA), talked about the upcoming joint Lincoln Highway Association/MAFCA tour. He had sent letters to other chapters in the previous few days, asking if they want to participate in tour. He said he would get together with Norm Root and Jack Duncan to create 3 or 4 different tours in California to make the event more manageable. All of the tours would converge at a central location. Dean also said he would contact Model T and Packard car clubs to see if they would be interested in joining us.

Mary Salazar, the chapter president, said that individual Model A clubs would also like to participate, as long as they have a definite route and date for the tour. The tour was tentatively set for Saturday, September 15. She also wanted the central meeting place for the tours to tie in with a Lincoln Highway concrete marker dedication in West Sacramento, and would like to see the city of West Sacramento and its Chamber of Commerce to get involved.

Jack Duncan then talked about his presentation at the Rocklin Kiwanis. He only had 15 minutes to talk, so he only talked about the highways through Rocklin over the years, from 1895 to the 1960s. About 20 people attended the talk, and even though it was a 7 AM breakfast meeting, only one guy was asleep!

Norm Root talked about his presentation about historic bridges in California, which he had presented to both the Rocklin Historical Society (about 40 people), and the West Sacramento Historical Society. The latter liked the public relations prospects for having the Lincoln Highway marked through their town.

The city of West Sacramento ordered 4 Lincoln Highway concrete markers, and 1 of them would be dedicated during the upcoming tour. Norm was promised that there would be plenty of parking for the dedication.

Norm also reported that the Reliable As club sounded interested in the tour.

Bill Roe then asked about putting up metal signs marking the Lincoln Highway in West Sacramento. He said each sign would cost $10 to $20. Norm was surprised at that figure; he thought they would cost $40 to $70.

Norm then talked about making the concrete markers. He said they were a real pain to make, especially the red-white-and-blue "L" part of the marker. After experimenting with many techniques, Norm now precasts the "L" part.

Next, Norm talked his attention back to the metal signs. Recently, West Sacramento put up Historic U.S. 40 signs along old U.S. 40/Lincoln Highway. Eddie Lang got people to sponsor the signs for $55 each. The Lincoln Highway Heritage Corridor in Pennsylvania sells nice heavy Lincoln Highway signs for $45. Rollin Southwell, a member of the Utah chapter, also sells good signs for $40 (the signs say "Historic" above the Lincoln Highway logo).

The California chapter is hosting the 2002 National Conference, and the next orgnaizational meeting for the conference meeting will be on May 12.

Finally, someone commented that one can find all sorts of signs costing less than $15 at many automobile swap meets.

The next quarterly meeting will be around July 21.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:55 PM.

Respectfully submitted,


James Lin
Recording Secretary

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