Lincoln Highway Association
California Chapter

Minutes for the October 23, 1999 Meeting

Caltrans Bridge Design Academy
Sacramento, California

Once again, Norman Root hosted the meeting at the Bridge Design Academy (the January 1999 meeting was also there).

Board Meeting

Mary Salazar       President       Foresthill
Norman Root Vice-President Sacramento
Carmel Barry-Schweyer Director Auburn
Cleona Duncan Corresponding Secretary Newcastle
Jack Duncan Archivist Newcastle
Lauretta Powell Treasurer Weimar
James Lin Recording Secretary Berkeley

Unfortunately, the recording secretary arrived at the board meeting at 1:35 PM, about a half hour after the scheduled start of the meeting, but he seems to have recorded the most important points.

Public Relations Projects

We are anticipating an increase in public interest about the Lincoln Highway, because AAA will mention the highway in the appropriate TourBooks. The TourBooks will guide any further inquiries about the Lincoln Highway to the national organization. The ad-hoc committee for publicity from the national organization said that in response to the inquiries, we will either mail flyers, each state having its own flyer, or direct them to our upcoming web site,

There is a long list of other public relations projects that the organization would like to handle. This is an old list:

Materials for AAA Publicity

The national organization wanted each state chapter to send in materials to prepare for the publicity from AAA:

Hosting the National Conference

We got a letter about our chapter's bid for the national conference in 2002. If our bid is successful, Carmel would be chairwoman of the conference. This seemed to take her by surprise.

If the conference is held in California, there could be up to 200 attendees due to its location. The conference would also be a good opportunity to do some fund-raising: sell T-shirts, etc. In the past, most attendees have driven to the conference site.


We were made aware of a guide to the Lincoln Highway around Loomis, produced by the Loomis Basin Historical Society and available at the Placer County Courthouse Museum. The guide is an example of what other Lincoln Highway guides in this state could be like.

Chapter Web Site

The final topic discussed putting up a web site for the chapter. The web site would include the mailing address of the chapter and the newsletter, at least. (The web site is now up, temporarily located at Once the national web site is up, it will move there.)

General Meeting

The general meeting got started around 2:23 PM, about a half hour late. A few more people trickled in at the end of the board meeting.

Attendees (in addition to the board meeting attendees):
Jim Armstrong       Sacramento
Mark Hasham     Altadena
Gloria Brewer     Woodland

Norm explained that the big room, in which we met in January, has since been carved up into cubicles! The museum, which housed some Caltrans artifacts, may move into a building at 65th and Folsom, but the status was unclear at the time.

Mary talked about several items:

Next Meeting

We decided to have our next meeting on Saturday, January 8 in the Lincoln Highway Garage in Livermore. Mary asked Gloria to place an announcement in Via, the magazine for the California State Automobile Association.

Show and Tell

Jack brought in lots of photos:

After a short break, Mark showed us a poster of a U.S. 40 map, including a portion labeled as the "Lincoln Highway." He pointed out that it is not a historically accurate map, nor was it meant to be. It bends the geography of California around so that it can fit within the poster, and has icons of businesses which have paid to be on the map. The people who made the map has a web site at, but it doesn't seem to have much.

Jimmy showed photos of the Yolo Causeway and the I-80/I-580/I-880 Maze in Oakland throughout the decades. He scanned them in from back issues of California Highways and Public Works, which was the official journal of Caltrans until 1967.

Norm had flyers from an exhibit on the "Goodyear Wingfoot Express," the first longhaul truck, which was on display at a new Lincoln Highway museum in Galion, Ohio, being run by Craig Harmon. He also wrote an article to the Lincoln Highway Forum about the Big Bend highway marker dedication, and showed us pictures that he took of the event. Finally, he passed around a binder with postcards of historic California highways and other scenery.

Goals for 2000

The last item on the agenda was our chapter's goals for next year.

Lauretta and Carmen talked about and selling more Lincoln Highway memorabilia.

Mark suggested that we install a new highway marker next year, and that it should be a goal every year to put up a new marker. Everyone agreed that was a great idea. To make the process more organized, we should break up the highway into several "zones," and every year, select a zone to put a marker. We would need to be extra organized for urban areas, in which we would have to deal with more red tape.

Somewhat related, we realized that we could install the highway marker at Lincoln Park in San Francisco during the 2002 conference.

We didn't know how much a marker would cost to build and install. We decided to discuss that during the next meeting.

We also talked about the tour for next year. One suggestion was from Big Bend to Verdi, Nevada.

Treasurer's Report

The treasurer's report is available to members of the chapter upon request.

We adjourned at 4:30 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

James Lin
Recording Secretary

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Written on December 12, 1999 and last edited on January 9, 2000 by James Lin