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[Photo by Leon C. Schegg of the Rainbow Bridge on the old Lincoln Highway in California. Donner Lake is in the background.]There's a lot to see and do on the Lincoln Highway. Whether you're a resident of one of the Lincoln Highway states, a visitor or someone interested in learning more about the Lincoln Highway, the LHA is for you! Many sections of the right-of-way are still in place waiting for you to explore them... and our business members are waiting to serve you on your journey.

The association is currently involved in projects for promoting the Lincoln Highway as a tourism destination from New York to San Francisco. Such projects include:

  • Establishing a directory of LHA business members and tourism sites
  • Dedicating the Lincoln Highway as a "Historic Highway"
  • Posting Lincoln Highway signs and directional markers
  • Publishing Lincoln Highway maps and driving guides
  • Performing surveys of historic sites and structures
  • Suggesting "alternative use" strategies for portions of the Lincoln Highway
  • Nominating certain sections of the Lincoln Highway for "Scenic Byway" or "National Register" status
  • Developing Lincoln Highway interpretive sites
  • Obtaining development and preservation grants

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